New owner of Olympia: failed projects and problems with authorities


For many months, the sports and home-based business community has wondered if and for whom Milan Mandarić sold Olympia. An American businessman of the Serbian people wants to leave Ljubljana before the end of the summer, and he also set the price for the Olympic athletes: six million euros. Now he's obviously found a buyer.

Milan Mandarić

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As the new owner of Olimpija in recent days, the Italian citizen is by far the most commonly mentioned Gabriele Nardin. Almost nothing is known about him in the general public. For now, he is just the former representative of the football team in Slovenia Alfred Jermanis and that he had already participated in a short time with at least one football club in Slovenia, the Dekani Adriatic.

But the data we have gathered at over the last few days suggests Olympics fans may be worried about the fate of the club. So far, the Italian has dealt with at least three football projects, much smaller than Olimpija, which ended up more or less clueless. There are also several reasons to doubt if this is true for a businessman who will be ready to invest millions of money in football.

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Will Bo Mandarić sell Olympia to Italy?



First football project: Malta

In Slovenian business circles, Gabriele Nardin is a complete outsider. Even more of our Italian sources know almost nothing about it. According to our data, he comes from Codroipo near Videm in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, but is said to have lived in Malta for some time. In his business career, he handled petroleum products and wholesale trade (more on that in the box). The football deal obviously began after 2014 when he founded GN Futures Ltd. in London.

Shortly thereafter, he took one of the leading positions in the Maltese football club Sliema Wanderers F.C. It is Malta's most successful club with more than 100 years of tradition and 113 laurels. In recent years, the pale shadow of past success has been, since the titles in a country that means nothing in world football are winning a club in the capital of Valletta FC.

Nardina brought to the club a new investor: the British-Maltese company NCTV, which had high-quality plans with Sliemo. In 2014, before the formal agreement was reached, he promised the arrival of several veteran stars, including former Juventus Alessandra Del Piera and the former French national William Gallas.

Sliema Wanderers, Gabriele Nardin

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From Del Piero to a reality show

These predictions did not materialize, as did the legend of Italian football Giovanni Trapattoni. On the contrary, for some time, the idea was that Slieme players played on the first football reality show that NCTV would sell to one of the international TVs.

The new investor has finally appointed the technical director Itala Galbiatia, long time collaborator of former Milan AC Milan, Roma, Juventus and Fabio Capella. He has also signed a series of contracts with several young players, among which he Kevin Nardinson of Gabriel Nardin. But the plans did not come out.

Just months after signing the contract, Nardin and the team left the club because they obviously did not keep the promises. Consequently, Sliema found herself in serious financial crisis, so she had to find new sponsors overnight. For the second consecutive year, numerous defeats were scored in the center of the ladder and outside the cities that lead to Europe for the Maltese club.

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Mandaric listened to fans and chose coach Olimpija



In Italy convicted of tax evasion?

What kind of deal Gabriele Nardin dealt with in the past before moving to Malta and starting to take over football teams across Europe can not be identified from publicly available sources.

It seems, however, that he had major problems with the Italian authorities. In 2007, a court in Spilimbergo, Italy, filed a lawsuit against a group that evacuated a value-added tax value of about 2.2 million euros from a bankrupt company of Italexo in 1999. According to Italian media, Nardin should be in the dock because he was the legal representative of Italexo during the dispute. But before that, the Public Prosecutor's Office sentenced him to two years and two months in prison.

In 2003 and 2004, its name appeared among directors of the British company SGR Corporation Ltd (renamed INGPetrol Ltd), which, according to one of the records, was involved in the wholesale of oil and other products, and in one of the previous years was created almost a billion pounds of revenue.

Portugal and Spain: bankruptcy and quick start

Shortly after the failure in Malta, Nardin found a new project, this time in Portugal. His company GN Futures Ltd, in 2006, took over CDR Quarteirense, one of the football clubs in the coastal city of Quarteira, in the Algarve region.

The first team, whose value was about 300 thousand euros, competed in one of the Portuguese leagues. There was virtually no information about what happened during the time that Nardin and his colleagues ruled him. After less than a year, the Portuguese stories are over as well.

The CDR Quarteirense never attended after leaving Nardin. According to publicly available information, he endorsed the Portuguese championship at the end of last year and, in the middle of last week, the court declared his insolvency.

Alcala, Gabriele Nardin

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Despite a new ruined history, Nardin and his team found a new target, this time in Spain. In the summer of 2017, Club Deportivo Alcalá began to take over, which is home to Seville and today competes in the Spanish championship. The value of the first team, according to the estimates of the website of Transfermarkt, is only 25 thousand euros.

The club signed a contract in June 2017 and announced the arrival of a new coach and players. But after a month, the cooperation ended. Why it is not known. Nor is it if the reason was that the insolvent owners did not pay the purchase price. Following another failed project, Nardin decided to close the UK company GN Futures Ltd, which held 51% of the capital. Business information is not public.

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Dream scenario: Olympia for Turkey, Domzale for Sweden, Mura for France!



Last year at Deans, now at Olympia?

After unsuccessful stories in Malta, Portugal and Spain, Nardin decided to test himself in Slovenian football. It was clear in the autumn of 2017 that an Italian businessman chose Slovenia for his next destination, at which time the Registration Committee of the Slovenian Football Association (NZS) registered Kevina Nardina for new player NK Svoboda Ljubljana.

With whom Gabriele Nardin has worked for the past two years, it is not entirely clear. Last season, he worked with Dekani Adriatic, who compete in the second Slovenian league. Kevin Nardin also played for him the previous season. According to our data, Gabriele Nardin helped the Dekani club as a sponsor, but today he is no longer involved with him.

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Kronaveter leaves Olimpija, Mandaric is sorry



Who is Nardin's Slovenian partner?

The Italian also found a close business partner in Slovenia Darka Filiputa. He is a former senior LDS member on the Coast, who moved to Positive Slovenia in late 2012 under the leadership of Zoran Jankovic. He is at Izola's house during the period of the mayor Brede Pecan was managed by the fiscal council of the municipality.


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More than a year ago, Nardin and Philip joined forces in the company of Nova Linia. In the six months, the company generated a revenue of 140 thousand euros. This year obviously they are not going through to the end because the company has blocked accounts for almost two weeks.

With Malta, where Gabriele Nardin was to live and work for some time, Darko Filiput has even closer ties. In 2008, he won the Golden Star of the Order of Maltese Knights. He also works for the IODR Maltese non-governmental organization, where he serves as Slovenia's national secretary. Filipot declined to give statements to We could not get in touch with Nardin.


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