Tuesday , April 20 2021

New: A major search action in Krvavec, the late Klemna, seeks 250 people

Klemen Musulin, 36, who disappeared in the Krvavec area last Saturday, is looking for 250 policemen, firefighters, mountain rescue workers and dog guides

Klemna has been searching all week, but all previous actions have ended unsuccessfully.

Today, it is difficult for workers to make work even more difficult, because the Krvavec is quite nebulous.

For the first time this fall, temperatures also dropped significantly, so dogs can not find traces.

In Krvavec today a special regime is in force, police have restricted the movement, there are only rescue workers and relatives of the disappeared, who are searching for Klemen across the Krvavec area, even in hard to reach areas.

Klemen Musulin

of Trebnje, on the Saturday night of the official feast, walked from Krvavec to the valley on foot. Except for the phone they found on Saturday and believed that someone had found him and placed him somewhere below the hotel, they found nothing more tangible.

Until the afternoon in Krvavec there are temporary restrictions on movement, due to inspection of the area, lower station access to the upper station of the Krvavec cable car 500 meters to the left and right of the gondola, the crest above Jezerci, Ambrož towards the top – the the upper station, the lower station of the cable car – and the lakes to the east – to the Kriška plantain and the mountain range.

Police action also applies to unmanned aerial vehicles, remotely or autonomously controlled vehicles, or other comparable technical means. The danger of stoning will also be in the ways that lead to Krvavec de Kokra.

More about the action will be known later in the day.

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