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Netta: Calling for a boycott of Tel Aviv spreading dark thoughts


Netta Barzilai, who beat Israel last year in the biggest music competition with a song Toyon Monday told foreign media that requests for a boycott contest are moving away from its basic goal, which unites members of different faiths and races on the same stage. She added that those who do not support this year's competition in Israel should deviate from their beliefs.

In Nettin's words, it is important that representatives from different countries be on the same stage regardless of religion, ethnicity or skin color. Photo: Reuters
ISRAEL: Netta – Toy

Asked if she would appear to the Palestinians, Netta replied: "I was not invited, but if my performance helped solve problems, I would." But the singer refrained from commenting on the current Israeli elections, which led Benjamin Netanyahu, the right-wing leader, to command the government for the fifth consecutive term. "When I reveal my political conviction, I will separate hearts instead of combining them" she said.

In late January, a group of artists, including Roger Waters and Peter Gabriel, called for a boycott of the competition or their move to another country. In a letter published by the British BBC, they said that Eurovision should take place in the coexistence of integrating and celebrating diversity, which Israel does not show with the occupation of the West Bank and the Golan Heights. "We can not ignore the systematic Israeli violation of the human rights of Palestinians," they have already stated.

Controversial responses were also prompted by the announcement that Madonna was performing at the end of the May 18 competition. Many of them asked the star to desist from his appearance for the reasons given above.

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