Thursday , October 21 2021

More than 80 million phones have been upgraded to EMUI 9


Huawei EMUI 9

In the early days of June, the number of users who upgraded the Huawei phone from one version of EMUI 8 to version 9 exceeded eighty million. The number is expected to exceed 100 million by the end of the month.

The upgrade to the EMUI 9 is available for the Huawei Mate family of 10 phones from 2017, as well as for one year younger representatives from the P20 family, Mate RS and Nova 3. The process of gradually updating the Mate 9, P10 devices and Nova 3i. .

The EMUI 9 enhances the experience of managing phone usage and also offers a more modern look and new features including motion management. It also features the Turbo GPU 2.0 feature that enhances the performance of graphically demanding mobile games.

If you have one of the phones mentioned above in the table and you do not already have EMUI 9, you can find the update instructions on your phone (settings> system update). In some cases, you can also upgrade with HiCare. For possible confusion, contact an authorized service (Emonogram d.o.o.), call center number 0809808, Huawei Forum Slovenia ( or Huawei's Facebook social network page. To check which version of the system is on your phone, you can find the information in your settings (Settings> System> About phone). The upgrade will occur gradually, which means you will not be able to get all users around the world at the same time.

Region / State Phone model
Slovenia Huawei P20 Lite
Slovenia Huawei P smart 2018
Slovenia Huawei Mate 20 Lite
Slovenia Huawei Companion 9
Slovenia Huawei P10
Slovenia Huawei P10 Plus
Slovenia Huawei P20
Slovenia Huawei P20 Pro
Slovenia Huawei Mate 10 Pro
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