Mojmir Sepe experienced a new tragedy


LJUBLJANA – At age 62, a film director and screenwriter died at night Polona Sepe, according to the Slovenian Association of Directors. She studied filmmaking at AGRFT, became a screenwriter and director of feature films and short films, TV series, animated films and documentaries. She was one of the first Slovenian directors.

She wrote the scripts for her films during her studies and, after studying, continued as directing director in the search films. Matjaž KlopčičaGoodbye in the next war Zivojin PavlovicTransfer Matija Milčinski and Red Boogie or what's your girl? Karpa Years. As she said some years ago in an interview to Jobshe learned more about this work than at the Academy, which gave her the opportunity to film her films.

She has recorded several TV shows, such as Outsourcing Total (2005) about the fate of Nadine's salesman, between short documentaries is Leti … let … let … woman! (2002) on the female body as the object of publicity campaigns, artistic creation, abuse and rape in wars.

His first feature film was documentary What About Mr Bach (2004) about people with special needs and interaction when meeting the world of "normal", and the latest television project Letters from Egypt (2010), taken on the basis of real achievements sciences of a graduate chemist Jane Kolar, the protector of the book's material, can be found at the Film Center of Slovenia.

Scams and legal crises

Lately, she has interwoven many topics, ranging from frauds and marriage crises, female scientists with her career, who have a relationship unrelated to the mother and her to the past. In her interview, she said she had spoken to several scientists at the research stage.

"I have often heard that the law worked well until the woman became a man in the professional sense.At that time some problems started.I wanted to write a story about this problem if two are married and are working in the same field as I have added the story of a mother that Irena, the main character, must solve in her, whether she will look at her relationships and the law as her mother, or will find her way. that these relationships are very difficult, the separation is high and we are all looking for new forms of coexistence. My goal was to ask more questions than to give answers. "

She was the daughter of musicians. Mojmirja in Majde Sepe.


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