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Mobile games are no longer just bad copies of computer games or gaming consoles. Thanks to advanced technical capabilities, we can play demanding three-dimensional games on the smartphone screen as well as increasingly popular online games. First person shooter games (FPS) or real-time strategy games (RTS) as well as real battle games. The smart Huawei P smartphone 2019 was therefore designed to meet the expectations of the discerning young people in the best possible way

The first good mobile games
The history of mobile games goes back to the late 1990s with the popularization of mobile phones, when some manufacturers made the first mobile games on phones. There were no application markets at the time, so the user could download and install the game on their own. The legendary game of the time is almost Snake. The player moves the snake with the arrow keys on the cell phone keypad, the snake shines and grows, and the game ends when it runs to the edge of the screen or to its own tail. It was also
the first game that can be played simultaneously by two players connecting their devices through the infrared (IR) interface.

The next turning point in mobile game development is that of 2002 with games in the Java programming language. We were able to download and install it on phones that also received color displays. For the right success, the Sonic game, which was released by the character of a barbecue with blue "beads", company Sega, still applies today. It proves that the phones are suitable for fast and complete games. Two other legendary names are mentioned: Bowling and Bejeweled, the Namco racing game, was
the first to cast the third dimension on the small screen of the cell phone.

Mobile Revolution
The gaming revolution for mobile devices began with smartphones and markets that made it possible to download and install new applications and games quickly, easily and conveniently. Angry Birds 2009 has become a real commercial success. The characters entered popular culture and, for the first time, puppets, figurines, board games, cartoons and movies were based on a mobile game and not the other way around. A year later, the success of Angry Birds was repeated by Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope, played by Candy
Crush rocked the world in 2012. All these popularity games should use a touch screen, making the game easy and intuitive.

At the same time, the gaming market for mobile devices has changed to unrecognizable. Kids, teens, parents and grandparents all started playing mobile games, playing on a smartphone has become one of the most common forms of entertainment. Mobile games are offered not only by specialized providers, but also by leading video game publishers.

From computer to phone
Increasingly, games that have gained popularity on personal computers are processed so that they can also be played on smartphones. Minecraft, Terraria or Do not Starve are also in the mobile version, and more and more games allow you to play on different devices. For example, the Hearthston card game, where smartphone players compete with players for computer monitors.

One of the most successful mobile games in recent years from PlayerGamer's BattleGrounds (PUBG) has also had a major impact on the mobile gaming market. It belongs to the "battle to the last" genre, which is gaining popularity all the time. A game where many players participate simultaneously begins when a random is placed on a large virtual map. Eventually it is getting smaller, and the one that moves too slowly or is destroyed by other players, is out. When only one is left, the best is
the games are over.

The Huawei P smart 2019 is especially suitable for gamers
Due to the popularity of mobile games, Huawei has made a smartphone that will satisfy even the most demanding gamers. The smart 2019 OP is equipped with the powerful and powerful new Kirin 710 8-core processor so you can run the latest mobile games and play powerfully without getting stuck, which allows for a long time without the need to switch on the phone the energy.

For gamers, Huawei has also developed Turbo GPU technology, which optimizes the graphics capabilities of the phone, and the game PUBG makes the most of it. The game runs smoothly and without pins, giving the user a major advantage in battle with others. Due to optimization, the energy consumption is up to 30% lower. Gamers will also appreciate that the smart Huawei P 2019 smartphone is equipped with a large 15.77 cm (6.22 inches) screen resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels. Due to the narrow edges, the phone enables
comfortable gameplay, high quality image resolution with many details.

Another element affects the quality of mobile entertainment, a battery capacity of 3400 mAh. Not only allows long plays, but also a long time tracking, what other players do in the game. The smart Huawei P 2019 smartphone is what the gaming player needs in 2019 to take full advantage of the possibilities of modern mobile gaming.

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