Misha Molk reveals ugly toilet on RTV: Bljak!


Journalist and presenter of Slovenian national television Миша Молк over the years, has become increasingly free of language in the language. Then she hit again on public television. This time, she was cheated by the scent that comes from the sanitary facilities of public television.

"If the stench could have fired, our eyes would roast, so unbearably suffocated by a man's bathroom, and there are many guests every day passing by and there, if we also leave our house visitors … It's not part of our ID card also a nice reception when someone walks through the door and tries to relieve the bubble … Especially the guests often go before entering the studio also in the toilet …
Bljak! He stinks the whole aisle. "

Commenting on the announcement, they suggested that they might have to save money on the cleaning service, but Molkova explained that it was probably a complication in piping, in poor flow. "The cleaners have nothing to do with it," she added.


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