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Maribor coach Darko Milanic was very pleased with the approach of the selectors, and even more with a big win with 5: 0 over Celje. After a duel with which he increased his lead over Olympique to four points, he could not avoid commenting on the judgment again.

Maribor players quickly overcome the painful defeat against Olimpija (1: 2) which gave them the previous Saturday to think that the Slovenian public was warned about their dissatisfaction with the judgment criteria of this season's Premier League of Telekom Slovenije. The violins avoided a cup failure on Wednesday with a miraculous turnaround in the extension of the referees, thus reinforcing the self-esteem that resulted in Celje's appearance on Sunday.

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Nora is a game in Stožice! Eight goals, controversial decisions and only two Olimpija penalties.




Should the judge point to a white spot again?

In princely place they quickly showed the hosts that they came after the victory. With aggressive football, they filled Celje's net, and the final victory could be even greater if the violets had not wasted too many chances, including a shot from a white spot. After the game, the Maribor coach spoke about the penalty Darko Milanic.

Darko Milanic in the judicial error:

Days ago, he explained that he collected the contested trials in a special folder. After the match in Celje, he added an event from the 17th minute Luka Zahovic Shortly after increasing the advantage of Maribor to 2 to 0, he got the ball and made the highest penalty. Goalkeeper Celje Matjaž Rozman read his intention, then the ball was disconnected in the direction of Zahovic, who, however, was prevented by an arrow when it entered it. Jan Andreasic. The judge's whistle was gone.

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Maribor responded with firecrackers in the network Celje

"There was a big mistake in the referee because a violation was made against Luka.These things will be much easier to overcome if we win in every match, but since that is impossible in football, we will continue to draw attention to these mistakes and we wish they would be less and less in the future, "explained the coach of the main Slovenian league.

If they cry, what happened three years ago …

Milanic does not think about the painful defeat against Olympia in the eternal derby. "In sports, you have to turn to the things that are before you.If we cry over what happened three years ago, when we probably lost some kind of game, it will not be okay. history. "He concluded that the test at Celje and also in the middle of the competition at Domzale was very good. Milanic added that there are still many real tests in the future.

Darko Milanic and Gregor Bajde of the forgotten eternal derby:

With the energy shown by the Maribor footballers in Celje, they will be able to overcome obstacles with strength and desire for success. The coach of Maribor wants to show similar energy until the end of autumn work, in which the penalty will not be counted Dina Hotica.

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The next game will be played on Saturday, when Triglav Kranj receives the Ljudski vrt.

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