Saturday , October 23 2021

Milan thinks seriously, he danced with Katarina Venturini


The rural hero Milan Trencan, to astonish Irena, organized dance exercises with the master of rotation on the dance floor, Katarina Venturini. Will he be able to soften his chosen?

Milan Triz he tries to conquer all the difficulties Ireno Drozg. Since his choir wants to dance, but he was not the most skillful, he agreed to lessons for a Slovenian dancer, a dance teacher and a dance judge, Katarini Venturini. The judge of the show The stars dance she was happy to respond because love was in the game. She felt that Milan really fell in love and therefore wanted to help him.

Milan had a significant tremor in the first encounter with the beautiful and incomplete Katarina, and his tongue became tangled, but with his sense of heat he quickly relaxed. The first excellent rating also fell: "In my opinion, Irena was a bit too severe for Milan, because he was fine."Shortly afterwards, she gave a compliment to her student:"You are a natural talent."

If Catherine says Milan are good, then he's doing well.PHOTO: POP TV

How will Milan appear on the dance floor with Irena and if her chorus will be softened, let's see tonight at 8:00 PM on POP TV. You can see the show now at I flew.

But do not miss next weekpresentation show of the new love season at homewhich one is goingon timeon Saturday at 20:00 on POP TVand the day beforeVOYO.

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