Miha Zupan cried: a woman was visiting her in training




The biggest competitor of the season this year, the stars are dancing, which with their dance points impressed the spectators and judges, this time showed a more gentle side. In the dance hall, Maya's wife was surprised.

"I came to see you a little bit" she said before hiding in his embrace. Miha was visibly surprised and even wiped the tears of happiness.

His wife, Maya Gershak, was very happy because he tried to make the audience feel the tenderness and the excitement of the dance that he will present this Sunday, and believes that Mihova's wife made the deaf basketball show a gentler side.

Miha and Maja, the deaf basketball, first showed a few steps, then Gersak's wife, Zupan, encouraged them to dance to the two of them. Miho's wife feared she would not know the steps, but as the clip shows, she proved to be an excellent teacher.

What kind of movie Miha and Maja will do during the dance, see this Sunday at 8 pm on POP TV, when top bidders are waiting for the movie week.


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