Miha Guide: With Tanja we got along well, she forgave Tina




The couple's parade last week took their new soprano or new soprano. Tanja Žagar has won a Miho Vodičar dancer for one week. The pair is preparing for practice, but in training there are no fools.

Although Miha and Tanja immediately found a common language, always smiling Tanja Arneja did not change anything.PHOTO: Miro Majcen

Sixth broadcast The stars dance besides the overheating of familiar faces, brought a new surprise. During this week, the cards between the dance couples were mixed, as the competitors were attracting new entrants.

Energetic Tanja Žagar she won a new soprano Miho Vodičar. "When we were asked about dancers earlier in the season, I was convinced I could not get the taller dancers, but I got Arne. And now I have Miho too, so tall dancers are obviously dying. I'm going to eat some more mushrooms until next week, so I can grow"smiling Tanja answered the news.

Miha and Tanja are getting really good at training.PHOTO: Miro Majcen

Tanja and Miha have already folded their sleeves, tightened their heels, and moved to the parquet floor. This week, a new dance challenge awaits. The singer and dancer, who also performs the work of choreographer and dance mentor both at home and abroad, was quickly caught. The smiling redhead says that Miha is the same before Arnej (possibly because Arnej was once a student of Mihov), while Miha Tanjo praised him as a good student. Your training is also a lot of fun. More on videos.


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