Messi and Suarez at Camp Nou on their knees for Liverpool: 3: 0


Barcelona players in the first semi-final of the Champions League home Camp Nou beat Liverpool formation by 3-0. The heroic bouts were Lionel Messi with two goals and Luis Suarez with a goal, and Liverpool will drag a series of wasted opportunities in Barcelona.

Both the Catalans and the Reds of Liverpool have five titles in the competition of elite clubs of Europe. Barcelona celebrated for the last time in 2015 and Liverpool in 2005 Ernest Valverdey Lyon and Manchester United, the favorites, were eliminated in extraordinary attacksJürgena Kloppa, finalists last year, Bayern and Porto. Barcelona, ​​who have already won the Spanish title, are favorites of the organizers against the English and for the final in the final at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid. The Catalans will once again have the first star and the first shooter of the Champions League this year in the two crucial finals to enter the big finals.Lionel Messi, who competed for the LP rival this season, scoring ten goals. It is interesting to note that Messi never waited more than four years in European chess. In his ranks there are many other excellent footballers, among them an attackerLuisa Suareza and also the former Liverpool starPhilippa Coutinha. Reds, last year's finalists, will put on a solid defense, the best of the English league, Virgil van Dijk, but it is not necessary to ignore the attack section where they dominate Roberto Firmino,Healthy Mane in Mohamed Salah. All three have been hit four times this season.

Jürgen Kloppa is looking forward to demanding work on Anfield Road. Is the semifinal already determined?PHOTO: AP

The Catalan pride proud of the game surprised him with the opening of 11, having ranked Chile among the top eleven Artura Vidala, While Klopp did not ride the Brazilian Robert Firmin, who had problems with muscle injury in recent days. Liverpool are in excellent shape, having won the last ten games in all competitions. Barcelona are also bad, in the last 12 games, the Catalans have won ten times and twice have recovered. The guests did not put their pants on the Camp Nou and opened the game with bravery and aggressiveness. As if that were a bit surprising for the Catalans, Barca failed to develop its recognizable game in the introduction. But the hosts quickly came to a good opportunity. Otherwise, it's more of a coincidence, thoughIvan Rakitic he found himself in a good situation but reacted badly. He followed a few minutes slipping from both sides, as if the rivals were taking off, so again, he was very excited at both penalties.

The guests shot twice against a flashback led by the ill-tempered Salah, but they did not come out, but on the other hand, home fans jumped when Joel Matipin the break of the Messiah played with the hand. Barcelona took on more and more the reins of the game: it was Coutinho, twice very dangerous, who almost confirmed the dominance of the first. Before arriving at Camp Nou, the Brazilian played well at Liverpool. The guests had to make the first substitution in the 24 minutes, damaged Nabyja Keitaja he replaced Jordan Henderson. The Reds were even better rivals in the first half hour, and then Luis Suarez hit him, which worked perfectly after deliveryJordi Alba and reached the first goal in the Champions League this season, and a total of 21 in this competition. It was also the 500th goal of Barcelona in the Champions League. The limit reached only by Real Madrid. Liverpool did not flap. The guests rushed immediately to the attack, had some situations in front of the goal, and Mane, after the delivery of Salah, got to the nearest goal, but he scored through the goal.

He had Liverpool early in the second half when he had a great startJames Milner, and even better was the goalkeeper of the house Marc-Andre ten Stegen.

Although Liverpool proved to be a very equal rival in most of the game, it was in high latency. And this is also thanks to many of the best football players in the world, Lionel Messi.

In the second half of the match, the English representative of Barcelona did not allow the game to develop, Barça had in the first part of the game a greater possession than the opponents, which is in their games of race. He credits himself with Kloppa and his clients, who have successfully neutralized the recognizable Catalan game. The Reds were constantly on the hunt for a valuable game that would greatly facilitate the return game at Anfield Road, and Barcelona were not particularly tense with their attack campaigns. German network guard Ter Stegen was able to save the boat with another kick in the 53rd minute when Salah fired wide from the area. The Egyptian has always been a threat to Barça's defense, which did not find the right solution for a rookie attacker on the move, who at the same time kept his team with useful balls.

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. Junaka Barcine Victory.PHOTO: AP

One of them was also found by Milner, who, however, measured much of the center ten meters. Ten Stegen was the only one who caught the ball.

Barcelona's unbeaten run in all competitions has been extended to 23 matches (the home defeat in the Champions League was exactly six years ago), while Liverpool, on the other hand, has ended its 19-match unbeaten run.

The islanders were in the first twenty minutes of the much better match in the meadow of the Camp Nouu stadium. Barcelonedolgo was nowhere, then fifteen minutes before the end of the house, finally "more seriously" came in front of the visiting door. And immediately he was right. Messi was given to Suarez, who hit his neck, but the ball returned to the Argentine, who only took him to the empty net. Messi, who did not play a brilliant match, however, took care of the most beautiful move of the match. She was 82 minutes from the free with more than 25 meters. The domestic virtuoso hit the neck's unbreakable left topAlisson Beckerand the Catalans were all ahead of the finals (3: 0). Already in the next attack, Liverpool could make a significant goal in the guests, but the proximity of Salah reached only the door frame. Later he wasted another opportunity.Jordan Henderson,so it was in the high victory of Barcelona. This could be even greater if you do not Ousmane Dembele in exasperation of the game, he was impressed with extraordinary opportunities when he was completely alone in Messi's goal, 13 meters from the goal, but Alisson Becker was caught.


The result of the first game of the semifinal:
Barcelona– Liverpool 3: 0 (1: 0)
Suarez 26, Messi 75, 82.

Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Sergi Roberto (of the 90th Allen), Pique, Lenglet, Jordi Alba, Busquets, Rakitic, Vidal, Messi, Suárez (90th Dembele), Coutinho (60th Semedo).
Liverpool: Alisson, Gomez, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Milner (from Origi 84), Wijnaldum (79th Firmino), Keita (24th Henderson), Mane, Salah.

Judge: Kuipers (The Netherlands).




The end of the match at the Camp Nou. Barcelona are looking forward to a significant and high 3: 0 win. Dembele's reserve could be 4-0 in the last attack but he was alone in front of Alisson, right into the Brazilian's lap.

Liverpool tries but can not hit …

An attempt by Henderson, but this did not end in the network of Barcelona.


On the other hand, Liverpool could score a significant goal in the visitors, but Salah had to send the ball to the goal after the undefeated goal. How much resin does Liverpool have today,


Free throw by Lionel Messi to 30 meters. The exact Argentine shot at the entrance – Barcelona (on equal footing) leads with 3: 0!


Good luck to Barcelona, ​​but the ball after Suarez kicked (he deftly fired at the knee), turned his back on Messi, who had no problem scoring for Barcelona's 2-0 lead.


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