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Mercedes Family in Refreshment at the Lešnik Beauty Salon


What did the Germans change into the popular Mercedes GLC class? With well thought out and dilapidated updates, it will hit Slovenia's retail outlets in July. This year, 75 Slovenians will be able to talk to him, the MBUX is part of the standard equipment.

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Updating a well-sold model is a rewarding job. If you succeed, sales numbers will continue to glow, but if you do, you will kill yourself on your knee. That is why they are in Mercedes The GLC update was started with care. This is also not surprising, the GLC is actually the most important model of Mercedes. It occupies the golden central part of the hot sports field. Already its earliest predecessor – the GLK class – surpassed all after-sales expectations and 650,000 were sold in the model cycle. Along with the GLC class, more than 1.5 million specimens were sold in four years. And those are the numbers that resonate in the offices and minds of engineers and designers.

"GLC is well sold in China and the US," he told us. Arne Wiebking – product leader for GLC coupes. "For the Chinese market, we introduced the GLC to a 10-centimeter wheelbase last year. Chinese customers are most appreciated for the spacious interior, the rear-seat space." And GLC L is a good indicator of the width of the pallet. Although there is no offer in Europe, the rest of the versions also guarantee that everyone will find something for you. From the classic GLC to the coupe, from an eight-axle four-cylinder diesel engine with an acronym AMG and a signature mechanic. There is also a fuel cell unit we tested last year, and a hybrid connection will be available soon.

Beauty salon Robert Lešnik

Robert Lešnik's team did not have so much work this time – clearly, it was a refreshment – but some minor changes were also dedicated to the outside world. After four years, the GLC gained a new front with chrome-plated chassis fittings. Some chrome was added under the door and in the rear bumper, which included the exhaust pipes. The LED headlamps have moved to the standard equipment list. As with the CLA, GLC in the headlights also received a line of LED lights under the main headlights. In a new style, the tail lights – a change that also comes out more of the vehicle.

… and modernization of the work environment

Major changes in premium car upgrades are hidden beneath the skin and inside. Digital 12.3-inch meters are available in front of the driver. Above the center console, there is a large independent screen, size 7 or 10.25 inches. The new will be able to control it with touch, with slider on the steering wheel, hand gestures or through a voice control. The center knob between the seats has been replaced by a touch pad, which can also be operated with the screen.

The resolution of the multimedia system and the quality of the camera's photos is excellent, and the navigation also works perfectly, displaying a live image with directional arrows on the screen. A new and cozy upgrade is a steering wheel in which, as in many Mercedess, we find cruise control buttons and speed limiter. The cruise control lever is dispensed. The steering wheel also has a slider, with which we switch between the views on the screens.

At no extra cost, modern users will love the new MBUX multimedia interface, which can be used with the words "Hey Mercedes!" To handle navigation, air conditioning and other utilities. "With MBUX and the new navigation, we can finally measure ourselves against the California competition: Apple Siri or Amazon's Alexo," adds Wiebking. The MBUX multimedia system won the Innovation of the Year award in 2019 at this year's Business Car Choice.

Four-cylinder six-cylinder power

We drive with a new 300d diesel four-cylinder diesel, promising that Mercedes will have six-cylinder and four-cylinder engines. When starting and firing, it is not so quiet. It's just at startup that you feel a little hectic. The two-liter engine has 180 kilowatts (240 horsepower) and 500 newton meters of maximum torque. The acceleration is actually comparable to a six-cylinder engine, it only takes about 6.5 seconds to one hundred.

In the test cycle – in the middle of the highway with high speed and after the rural roads routes near Frankfurt – we wanted 7.9 liters of consumption. With moderate driving on the road, however, it would, of course, be less. In addition, the brand new four-cylinder petrol is 300, which develops 180 kilowatts of diesel. The four-stroke gasoline engines were equipped with a lightweight 48-volt hybrid system that provides extra 12.5 kilowatts of power for a short period of time with an electric motor.

A sports field in the true sense of the word

On the motocross track of the German automobile association ADAC we drive the GLC in the field, which customers will never accept. The GLC is happy to get dirty. Equipped with a technical package out of the road for the protection of the chassis and the greater distance of the ground transports the terrain, which would not have seduced by itself. Even a 64% incline was defeated without major problems. Even if I was stuck on a very demanding slope, I could also lean on the inverted descent. In the period when a multitude of cars cross the roads, whose exterior does not reflect its true performance, the GLC brings satisfaction because it justifies its name on the ground.

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The AMG bomber that wakes up before leaving

Again, we had the opportunity to test the brutal and fast GLC 63 S. The bomber, even before driving, is already at the gas pressure. An 8-millimeter eighty-five-pound cylinder (510 horsepower) sounds like a furious lion. With renewal, the AMG received electronically controlled rear differential differentials and applications to measure accelerations and G forces and time on a race track. In mode breed In sharp acceleration, the rear wheels are very hard to follow with 700 Nm. Ideally, up to one hundred kilometers per hour starts in just 3.8 seconds. We found that on an empty highway, it would quickly reach 280 miles per hour, electronically limited.

For us in July for at least 49,140 euros

The technically advanced and upgraded GLC will be introduced in Slovenian halls in July. By the end of the year, the agent tells them that they will sell them 75. Prices are also known. The GLC 200d diesel engine will require at least 49,140 euros and a further 10 euros for the gasoline version. The DLC GLC with coupé will be your € 54,540, with a gasoline engine of € 56,390.

Photograph: Uroš Božin in Mercedes-Benz

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