Meghan secretly took off, giving birth for 18,000 euros


What happened before the birth of a child Meghan Markle in Harry? According to British media, Meghan secretly took her to a maternity hospital on Sunday night, and on Monday at 5:26 a new member of the royal family came into the world. The bird at the hospital did not confirm Buckingham Palace.

It is not known whether her birth was triggered by artificial deficiencies. As they say, she was born in the London clinic in Portland, where the basic cost of birth is 18,000 euros.

Most members of the royal family should not know that Meghan was taken to a maternity ward.

As the Duke and Duke of Sussex told him before the birth of their son, the details of the birth will be kept by themselves. Standard real photograph and display of the newborn Meghan declined, as he thinks this is archaic.

Due to the late birth – apparently a week after the deadline – Meghan had to give up her home birth, which she wanted very much.


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