Meghan Markle was humiliated so ugly


Meghan Markle is certainly accustomed to the pressure of the worldwide audience, which has been increasing since Prince Harry announced his intention to marry her. A few days ago, information was received on the plan that his grandfather, Prince Philip, had made a fool of before the wedding he had fun with the actresses, but he did not get married, and this time someone in the king's court made comments even more malicious.

Although the world is less than two years old for romance, they are Meghan Marklein Prince HarryDuring this time she experienced and survived many things. Of course, tracking was followed every turn, and in May of last year a big wedding was followed, and it was often said that Harry would have come up with many family members because of Meghan, and especially between Meghan and Kate Middletonand, consequently, also the brother – that is, Prince Harry and Prince William.

From Victorie to Meghan: scandals, cases and death

Meghan is currently on a well-deserved maternity leave.PHOTO: AP

When they reported to the world in October that they were expecting the eldest, interest in Meghan intensified, and she also had to face comments that the thick walls of the royal palace would be horrible and rude to the officials, and that is why many his resignation as well as several ugly nicknames including "Hurricane Meghan" and "Duchess Tired". Now Meghan was further humiliated, as one of the royal family members would have given her a nickname Wife Degreewoman for a term. With that, they wanted to announce that Harry would soon find out that Meghan was not right for him and broke away from him.

Meghan will end up like Diana!

Meghan obviously also has enemies within her new family.PHOTO: Profimedia

The British media does not reveal which royal family thought of a cruel alien, but would be an elderly person who is not known or falls into a narrower or wider circle of the royal family. Many guessed if they did not get the right grades Prince Philip, who warned Harry that he has fun with the actresses, but he does not get married. After Meghan was struggling openly with her own family, it is becoming increasingly clear that he also faces hardship in a forced family. For now, Duchess Sussek is still enjoying maternity leave, she recently appeared for the first time in public, and she is agreed in July to appear in the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Many do not foresee a bright future.PHOTO: AP


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