Meghan before giving birth to acupuncture


Sussex is counting the days when you will become your mother and father. The duchess prepares for childbirth quickly, visiting the acupuncturist, since he should increase the flow of blood to the uterus, and also hired a couple who will be in their maternity and will help her in childbirth. Meghan is convinced that this experience, which for many women is scary, will make it as pleasant as possible. Although it is not yet known where little Sussex will come to the world, the strongest rumors are that the duke, despite the initial opposition, will follow his royal predecessors and give birth in the private lynching of London's St. Louis hospital. Maria, where maternity care is available first-class care.

REUTERS Meghan has weeks to give birth. PHOTO: REUTERS

Perhaps the most shocking and surprising news is that Meghan and the Prince Harry, although the biological mother and the father of the child do not have the custody of the child. Belongs to him Elizabeth II. But the queen will not have custody of just a little Sussex, she has over all real children. The law is very old, however, it was introduced in 1717 by the king Yuri I., who did not have the best relationship with his son, decided to decide on the future of the grandchildren who will succeed his son on the throne someday. At that time, the judge upheld the law proposed by Yuri I. And, in principle, it is still in effect today, although many claim that he lost power at the time, as the British Parliament has never confirmed.

Queen Elizabeth II he has the custody of all the real children.

In any case, the queen oversees everything that happens in her family and decides what one member can and does not do. But the British ruler is a very advanced thinker and it is not difficult for her to adhere to rigid rules. For example, from time to time, it allows all families to travel together in an airplane or in a car, which was previously strictly prohibited. The reason for this is not a whim of one of the rulers, but it is quite practical in nature. For example, if a shipwreck traveled together in an airplane Charles, his son and his successor William and the prince Georgeand the plane would fall, Britain would lose up to three future rulers and the country would be in trouble. Examples of Charles and William having to fly together now that William has grown up and has his obligations, otherwise there is almost no, but if his father and son had to attend an official event on the puddle, he should have consented to them traveling together , say Elizabeth.


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