Medical Cannabis as a Helper in Mature Years


A very large proportion of the elderly population faces at least
a chronic disease. The increased legalization of medicinal cannabis caused,
that many in this option recognized the hope of alleviating their problems. However,
On the other hand, it is clear that necessary research is needed to accurately show the application.
Medicinal cannabis affects people – in this case, especially for the elderly
population groups. Recently, a research was published that was
I was dealing with this problem immediately. As Laszlo Mechtler, one of the authors, said
studies, new discoveries are very promising.

Medical Cannabis as a Helper in Mature Years

Relieving symptoms of many chronic diseases, common in the elderly

The findings of this study show that
Cannabis is a good choice for the elderly, who due to chronic diseases, honey
others also due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson's disease,
spinal cord, neuropathy and multiple sclerosis, are confronted with symptoms such as
pain, difficulty in sleeping and increased discomfort. It has also been found to be
About a third of those involved in the study of medical cannabis helped
reduction of the use of opioid or analgesic drugs.

Regular medical monitoring of medical cannabis

The study included 204 people, whose average age was 81 years. During the study, they received medicinal cannabis with a different ratio of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to cannabidiol (CBD) – the main active ingredient in medical cannabis. The median time to use medical cannabis was 4 months, during which period medical examinations were performed regularly.

Medical use of hemp in the elderly

Dose adjustment to avoid unwanted side effects

In the beginning, 34% of the participants had problems with
undesirable side effects. But after setting the dose, that number dropped
to 21 percent. The most common unwanted side effect was increased
drowsiness, followed by problems with balance and digestion. However, they are
were only 3% of the side effects involved so disturbed that they were
decided to suspend the use of medical cannabis early. Based on
monitoring of unwanted side effects, the researchers found that
was the ideal ratio between THC and CBD 1: 1. In this case, they had
participating the least problems with undesirable symptoms.

Particularly good results in relieving chronic pain

Most participants reported that using medical cannabis helped them alleviate the pain. They followed those who managed to mitigate sleep problems with the help of medical cannabis. A certain proportion of the elderly involved in the study also experienced improvements in neuropathological problems.

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