Friday , October 22 2021

Mayors and citizens to reduce noise in the vicinity of Brnik airport


The mayors of the municipalities of Kranj, Šenčur, Škofja Loka, Vodice, Cerklje and Mengeš have appealed to the Public Agency of the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Slovenia to reduce noise due to the flight of aircraft taking off or land at Brnik airport . They require the use of corridors to prevent aircraft from flirting on settlements.

As they warn, the noise disturbs the ability to concentrate, causes restlessness and discomfort and endangers health. The municipalities in the immediate vicinity of Brnik airport find an increasingly anxious noise as they cross airplanes that take off and land at Brno airport. Mayors receive numerous complaints from citizens about the noise mentioned, which is increasing due to the new exit procedure introduced in 2013, in determining which municipalities were not included.

"By considering the relatively insignificant private financial economies of air carriers, state institutions completely ignored the impact of noise six years ago and, consequently, the public interest." The mayors noted in the letter that the experts also warned that they do not fly at an appropriate height and that they do not use a sufficient length of the runway to save fuel for takeoff. Another problem is the training of pilots, who test aircraft and change the direction of the flight several times.

The mayors of the neighboring municipalities demand a reduction of the noise generated by the overflights of airplanes of the airport of Brno.PHOTO: Miro Majcen

Besides conducting continuous noise monitoring in the most exposed areas of the Fraport Slovenia, in some municipalities, measurements were taken, which showed that the permissible noise level was exceeded. They also find that there are no prescribed penalties and compensation for excessive noise and improper flights at low altitude.

Mayors to change legislation

Mayors call for the abolition of air routes established in 2013, and the use of a takeoff and landing direction that avoids densely populated areas. They require a relaxation of the environment by noise, strictly applying aircraft landing and take-off procedures to all airlines and flying at the appropriate time. In addition, they require a change in legislation that will allow for the compensation of the most polluted municipalities and the implementation of an adequate permanent flight control.

Sencur's mayor, Ciril Kozjek, supports the development of the airport, but, as he says, it does not affect citizens.PHOTO: Bobo

"The joint convocation of mayors is the first step to improve the situation in this field"the mayor of Šenčur is convinced Ciril Kozjek, which supports the development of the airport, but not to the detriment of the public. Mayor of the Municipality of Vodice Franco Aco Shustar of all aviation industry officials expect the activities that will contribute to the reduction of aircraft noise to continue this month.

Fraport Slovenia: the burden of the population with noise is moderate

In Fraport Slovenia, they explained that the procedures for altering and confirming the approach and departure procedures are solely the responsibility of the air carriers, the Slovenian Air Traffic Control Agency, the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Slovenia and the relevant ministry and of the airport manager. The arrival and departure procedures are validated by the competent ministry or the Civil Aviation Agency, which prior to each issuance of consent to the proposed procedure, checks all factors, including noise factors and aircraft effects on the environment.

The airport manager ensures that noise mitigation solutions will be sought in the future.PHOTO: Miro Majcen

For more than a decade, the airport manager has been intensely involved in the issue of airborne noise and its impact on the surrounding population. Two years ago, an anti-noise barrier was planted to protect the population from noise. Fraport Slovenia, at its own expense, also continually performs noise measurements, which, according to the company, indicate a moderate burden on the local environment with noise.

At the initiative of Fraport Slovenia, a group of airport partners is set up to find solutions to mitigate the effects of aviation noise, thus ensuring a better quality of life for the surrounding inhabitants. The group was invited by the relevant institutions, a domestic air carrier and a specialist in the field of noise measurement and noise calculations of the model.

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