Sunday , October 17 2021

Marjan Šarec: "Some people think we're sucking, others praise us"

Prime Minister Marjan Šarec does not want to evaluate the work of his government on his first anniversary this year, but on social networking site Facebook estimated that it would be necessary to connect the members of the Alde Group before the next elections.

"I believe this can be achieved, but with the awareness that we do not want sponsorship, but cooperation in realistic assumptions" he added.

Today, a year has passed since the elections of the National Assembly, which were won by SDS, while Šarčeva LMŠ came in second. Vlado then managed to set up Sharc along with coalition partners SD, SMC, SAB and DeSUS.

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"We did not win, but on September 13, after three months of tough negotiations, we formed a minority government."Sharec wrote. He added that very low support in public opinion polls was initiated and then support increased, which was overflowing with "huge ink".

"I do not want to evaluate our work, because I leave the evaluations for analysts, commentators and last but not least for you, citizens and citizens. Some people think we are sucking, others praise us, while others say there are good things and expected and habitual, because we live in a democracy, "the prime minister wrote.

He also mentioned the recent elections to the European Parliament and declared that the decision on LMŠ was independent was correct. They have been assigned two MEPs, who can not be attributed to the merits, which, in their words, is happening on the common lists.

"Let it be heard even more selfishly, but it is important for us to see how much trust we enjoy among people, especially because of all possible speculation, speculation and hope." He wrote.

Šarec: "The ALDE group had a deputy from Slovenia, now there are two. We can speculate on several MEPs in the case of a common list, but the percentages are not counted automatically."PHOTO: Aljoša Kravanja

In his words, it is possible to speculate that, in the case of a common list, more deputies are elected, but the percentages are not counted automatically."Finally they had the opportunity to merge SMC, SAB and DeSUS and, according to this logic, they would get at least one deputy. But they are not, which means it's not so easy." he added.

"In any case, the integration of Grupo Alde clients will be necessary if we do not want excessive fragmentation, since the next election will be the National Assembly," he added.Sharec wrote.

Erjavec: Connecting customers in a very realistic way, LMŠ should play a leading role

According to DeSUS, the party is calling, especially in left-handed, Karla Erjavcavery real, but the LMŠ has to play the main role here. Erjavec is convinced that the debate on this is right. "If we decide to go into some form of closer cooperation, this decision of the party congress,"he emphasized.

He also touched on a possible position of the Commission and said that the prime minister has decided on this. "I can not comment on that, you need to ask him."PHOTO: Aljoša Kravanja

In today's statement, on the first anniversary of the DZ elections, Erjavec stressed that today's message from Prime Minister Marjan Sarc on the connection of Alde Group clients was not surprising."I can find that what I predicted before the European elections is that the political space will be very dynamic, not only because of the interpellation I have experienced, but also because of these trends that are moving towards greater consumer engagement."he pointed.

He added that it is difficult to predict what might happen, as far as the DeSUS party is concerned, that is the question of party officials. The party leadership, the executive committee, the party council must first discuss this, and they should probably have an extraordinary congress, he explained. "It is too early to predict what will happen, but I think the idea is worth more in-depth reflection" he repeated.

President DeSUS explained that Prime Minister Sharc also discussed cooperation before the European elections, "but at that time we discovered that time was ahead of us that there was not enough time for certain operational technical issues, after all, there are also the authorities of the parties who decide on this," he added.

He believes that the talks on integration will be held, but Marjan Šarc's list should play the leading role here. "But this cooperation may be more lenient in the sense that we only work together in the parliamentary group or if we are involved in certain decisions." Erjavec said, highlighting issues related to retirees.

"I can find that what I predicted before the European elections is that the political space will be very dynamic."PHOTO: Miro Majcen

"I would love to work more closely when it comes to issues related to retirees, such as the demographic background. You know the law is being prepared and I would like a closer alliance with the coalition parties," he said. he pointed.

He also touched on a possible position of the Commission and said that the prime minister has decided on this. "I can not comment on this, you need to ask him" He said and pointed out that the DeSUS party would support any proposal from a commissioner to be presented by Sharec.

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