Maribor with a player better than Rudar, Triglav with two goals Majcna fell Wall


Triglav Carnivals were beaten by Muro with 2: 1 at the end of the 28th round of the First League of Telekom Slovenije. The guests took the lead, but in the second half Luka Majcen scored two goals, both from the penalty spot. Later, Maribor, who played most of the match against Velenje Miner with the player, easily scored three wins with a 3: 1 win.

Maribor routinely reached the fifth consecutive win, with the best table being 12 points ahead of Olimpija in Ljubljana. The way to the 20th championship victory of the season was tremendous in the 3rd minute when he managed to find the perfect place in the penalty area Luka Zahovic, so he just controlled the situation on the court. From the 24th minute he also had a player on the court, so it was clear that the only question about the difference is the match he will have.

From the beginning, the people of Maribor were able to reach the desired management. Amir Dervišević he threw the ball out of the car in the middle, where he lost for the first time in a jump Aleksander Rajčević, Blaž VrhovecSomehow, he was sent to Zahović with the tip of the shoe, which kicked with precision, and from the right goal the ball was returned to the net. The players of the Velenje tried to match, in two actions, they smelled like a blow. It's eight o'clock Robert Pušaver on the right side gave the ball in the middle, where the attackers Velenje were very short, and in 18 minutes Aljaž Kreflhe received a beautiful ball and hit 20 meters more beautifully, but the goalkeeper Kenan Pirić he was in place. After 24 minutes, the counterattack by Zahović found the back of the goal with a beautiful free kick. Jana Mlakarwho shot himself in the goalkeeper, but Pušaver stopped on his back, the referee gave him a penalty, and the soccer player Velenje sent into the locker room. From the white point, Zahovic hit only the goal.

The frame of the door prevented Mlakar from being happy, while the two Maribor strikers missed good chances, with Zahović topping, while Mlakar overcame the goal. He is a visiting coach. Almir Sulejmanović during the interval reinforced the defenses, which interrupted the hosts' attacks for 56 minutes, and then Dervišević hit. And that was not a good action, but with a fantastic shot from far away when the ball ended in the top left corner of the goalkeeper.

The citizens of Maribor obviously thought that their work was finished, which was punished by the Velenje people. Dominik Radićin the 67th minute the result was reduced, the players of Velenje went to the second goal, but the rival was careful enough not to allow them the opportunity. The ball looked to have taken a deflection on the way in, but he's claiming it! The referee showed Krefl's Krefl the yellow card after a particularly nasty challenge. Felipe Santosand a penalty was successfully executed this time Marcos Tavares.

Luka Majcen reached two goals from Triglav in the win over Mura with 2: 1.PHOTO: Damian Zibert

After three defeats in the series, Kranjci finally tasted the sweetness of victory in the first match, and on the knees, very hot rivals of Murska Sobota were recently brought to the knee. They had four wins and one undecided result in the last five games before ending their tour but missed the ideal opportunity to roll to third place in the league after today's loss.

Prekmurci decidedly began to clear in the capital city of Gorenjska. The initiative was on their side, but the most active was Alen Kozar, who in the 7th and 10th minutes unleashed a strong arrow in the distance, but his experiments were not accurate enough. Then there was a shorter conversation at the Carniolan sports center, the game was mainly between the two penal spaces, but in the 27th minute the Murska Sobota players still achieved the main goal. Levino was very close to reducing Nino Kouter's lead with a defending free-kick. Luke Šušnjare, who scored 1: 0 up close after a shot.

Just two minutes later, they are hosted by a visiting coach Ante Shimundze a promising new action was taken, Kozar's shot from the corner of the penalty area flew past the goalkeeper Jalna Arka. The midfielder, also at the end of the first half, had all the threads of the game on his legs, risked the Carniano gate, and the most dangerous action was played in the 39th minute, when Kouter found himself in a brilliant opportunity after a flash (middle) . then Arko appeared.

In the second half, Kranjani played much better. Their desire to change the outcome was obvious, and in particular they played effectively between 61 and 68 when they scored two 11-meter goals. He scored the best goalkeeper of the White Point Carniolan team for the total Luke Majcen. The first 11 meters were curved by Nick Lorbek and the other by Amadeus Marosh.

The Prekmurje footballers are no longer caught in the clash. For the last twenty minutes, they have at least tried to draw, but they have not. The change was not made after two occasions by Rok Sirk, once again the reservist Armin Čerimagić tried to distract himself from the distance, as well as the clients of the domestic guard. Dejan Doncic they squandered two exceptionally beautiful opportunities for a more convincing win. In the 83rd minute, twice-goalkeeper Majcen fired wide from the edge of the penalty area, a good chance five minutes later on a counterattack David Tijanić, blocked by a visiting goalkeeper. Matko Obradovic.

Maribor – Rudar Velenje 3: 1 (1: 0)
Zahovic 3., Dervisevic 56., Tavares 87./11 m; Radić 67.

Triglav – Mura 2: 1 (0: 1)
Šušnjara (29); Majcen (61.11 m, 68.11 m)


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