MARIBOR is in a duel with Štajerski rivali HODIL PO ROBU …


Maribor and Aluminij footballers in the 30th round of the First League of the Telekom Slovenije split with a 1: 1 draw (0: 1). The screwers now have 11 points in the lead before Olimpija, while on Thursday they can reduce the gap to eight on Thursday.

Mariborčani The series of non-commitments was extended to 16 matches, but this time also had some luck that the series continued, since Kidričani had two good opportunities at the end of the match to win the match. But they did not get it, so the guests were aligned with the fourth place in the Wall ranking. My Favorites Darka Milanic, Aleksi Pihler, Dare Vršič, Martin Milč, Gregor Bajdet, Marko Šuler, Denis Šmej and Luka Uskoković remain in the lead after the eighth draw. Before the Olympics, they have 11 points, but, of course, they can reduce the number of guests to eight in the next …

Although purple predominated in the first half, they ended up with a delay. After 41 minutes, Kidričani took the lead, initially from a distance Alen Krajnc, Kenan Piric the ball was returned, but only to the former member of Maribor Luke Stora, who was more skilled at fighting Aleksandar Rajcevic and sent the ball down under the bar.

Previously, they were better hosts, but only two attempts were made in 24 minutes Ilija Martinovic blocked the shot Marcosa Tavaresa, it was 30 minutes Luka Zahovic after childbirth Denis Klinarja shot from the first and only missed the goal for a while.

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In the second half, they are Mariborčani Dejan Petrovič kept his cool as he faced down Tavares and Jan Mlakar, who scored with a goal kick. In the following minutes, the spectators saw some shots, after which the ball could not find a way to the net, and the experiment should be exposed Sanin Mimunovic No. 56 Luke Zahovic with a header 59 minutes into the match.

In the 66th minute he also marked the header Jasmin Mešanovićbut Luka Janžekovič the ball was returned, and it was three minutes later Dino Hotic with a kick from the left post. The home crowd was not satisfied with that Jasmine Mešanovićwhen he redeemed his head with his head Amir Dervisevic from the left. It was already Season 15 for him.

They were in the minute 87 Kidricans Good chance to win the goal, but it's Kenan Pirić defended the experiment Jureta Matjašičbut the proximity to the right. The hosts walked on the edge, and he had a better opportunity Ivan Kontek a minute later, but he was completely alone in the ten-meter ball and sent the ball to the goal. On the other hand, he is unscathed from a very favorable position after the transfer in the header of the referee. Amir Dervisevic lost Felipe Santos.

Maribor-Aluminij 1: 1 (0: 1)

Maribor – Stadium Ljudski vrt, 2300 spectators. Chief Judge: Andrej Žnidaršič (Kranj).

Sagittarius: 0: 1 Štor (41.), 1: 1 Mešanović (80.).

Maribor: Pirić, Klinar, Rajčevic, Ivković, Kolmanič, Dervišević, Vrhovec (from Santos 64), Hotić, Mešanović, Tavares (from 46. Mlakar), Zahović. Coach: Darko Milanic,

Aluminum: Janžekovič, Krajnc, Kontek, Martinović, Amuzie, Muminović, Petrovič, Horvat, Matjašič, Šttor, Maloku (from 63. Vrbanec). Coach: Oliver Bogatinov.

Yellow cards: Mlakar, Mešanović; Maloku, Krajnc.

Red Cards:


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