Love for the home: High school demons are being prosecuted


Leonida revealed why she did not understand her competitors.

To the heart of a rural beauty Miho They fight Barbarian, Anica, Ksenja in Leonida. The latter is very uncomfortable and disturbed in the company of competitors. "The company does not respond" She entrusted Miha and added that the other three were interconnected and forced to force her to speak first.

Miha tried to ease the dispute, so he asked Ksenya and Barbaro what had happened. Leonida entered the conversation, saying: "I'm just like you, but you despise me. It hurts." Xenia and Barbara said that you did not know what he was talking about and that they were always trying to put Leonida in the company. When Barbara tried to obey Leonida, that hug disappeared.
In the end, Mihi finally managed to convince her that she had stayed for one more night.

For, Leonida explained what was happening on the show. "I wanted to tell everyone that when the cameras came out, I was leaving, but I can not be like a device behind them." One was always a leader, and I did not like it. the terrace, they did not even come after me Now, if one is the main, I do not want to subdue There is no boss there But I did not agree with them because I'm not gagica and none of them stayed with me. they jumped on me, so I did not talk to them.I was not really good.I did not do anything and I kept wondering if I was not okay, that she was not with me to talk or something.A one said that I was lying to I do not know what they saw in me. "

In a conversation, Leonida also revealed that she was still haunted by a bad high school experience when her classmates trusted her, but she did not keep her secrets a secret. "Everything was said to advance to the whole class, then to stand against me. Therefore, I rely on men rather than women."


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