Liam Neeson admitted he wanted to kill a black man


The player stated that his actions are ashamed and that he feels very sorry. Photo: Reuters

He admitted that he walked with guns a week ago on the streets a year ago, and he felt the urge to be angry with someone because a black man was raped by one of his neighbors.

Hollywood celebrities are ashamed of their actions, but their recognition has caused many angry responses.

After an interview published by The Independent, the actor has not yet made any comment. In this interview, there was a talk about the new Neeson movie Cold Chase, which speaks of a man who – after his son was murdered – wants revenge.

Asked about the character's anger in the film, he replied that when a family member is a victim of violence, an elemental instinct is included. "I sincerely hope none of your family members have been a victim of such a thing, so I will tell a purely true story."

According to his words, the rape occurred some time ago, and he learned of the incident when he returned from traveling abroad. "She raped in a very mature manner with rape, and my first reaction was to know if she was a man. She replied that she did not know, and I asked what race she was, what she said, that he was dark."

So it's on the streets about a week walked with weapons and hoped a dark-skinned man would come from a bar, trying to be violent or something. "I just wanted it to end with him."

Many people are horrified by their words

Many people responded to the interview after the interview, including the Los Angeles Times columnist Carla Hall, who wrote that she now wants to talk whether she is aware of racism, whether she is aware of it or not. "Was there a man who was racist or only affected by a man capable of such violence?" "He was both?" "Of course, he was racist because he was out on the streets with the intention of finding a black man who could be killed."

Others, however, said that this recognition should not be held responsible for recognizing his act and finding it wrong, and that he learned something from it.


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