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Lady Gaga from the stage broadcast among the audience

A recent concert Lady Gaga In Las Vegas, they were given an unexpected cartridge that made everyone shut up for a few moments. The celebrity invited one of the fans to the stage while playing the song and jumped on his lap. She wrapped her arms around his waist and continued the show. The fan was also angry, his name should be Jack, who started dancing with Gaga on his lap, unaware that he was located right on the edge of the stage. He turned his body 90 degrees and lost the floor with one foot. With Gaga in his lap, he jumped five feet deep and landed, you will not believe, in Gaga.

From the footage of another fan who captured everything, you can hear the screams, but only briefly. Lady Gaga soon said that everyone was fine, and added in a shrewd voice, "The only thing that is not certain is that now we need the stairs so I can get back to that damn stage."

The singer reassured a fan who thundered offstage: "Can you promise me something? Can you forgive yourself now for what happened?" she sang a song with him Millions of reasons.

Some people tweeted on social networks that the fan was drunk but denied it.

By the way, do you still remember the fall Madonne? This one also looked pretty painful. You can find it at the link.

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