Keanu Reeves is a hero of computer games


Super star Keanu Reeves He surprised his fans in Los Angeles when he unexpectedly appeared at Microsoft's E3 event. Initially, people were a bit confused, but soon explained that he would appear as a character in the upcoming cyberpunk video game 2077. Sales shelves are expected to be in April next year. The unexpected arrival of a 54-year-old actor has become a central event at a gathering of lovers of computer games and technology.

Keanu of the game PHOTO: Xbox

"Hello, Los Angeles-E3!" Keanu greeted the visitors and continued, "The guys on CD Projekt Red came to me a short time ago and asked me if I would be willing to join their new project Cyberpunk 2077. For a long time, explain how they created this vast and open world with a story that is expanding extensively.How you can transform your character into the decisions you make during the game.What I did not know, I was very excited. "

– the newcomer likes new challenges.

So he revealed that the game will happen in the future, where something is normal for people to change their bodies. There are several exile gangs in the suburbs. Keanu has betrayed such stories since time immemorial, players will get the feeling that they are really walking the streets of the future, and the experience should be amazing. It is still unclear what kind of role he will have in the next game, he will obviously be a kind of assistant or mentor to the player.

This year, Keanu is very friendly, having experienced an enviable success with John Wick 3: Parabellum, who has earned more than $ 252 million since May 17. He appeared in the production of Netflix Always Be My Maybe. A successful and comedic romantic comedy inspires the younger crowd and drew a lot of attention to younger viewers.

The opening is a new part of the hit Bill and Ted.

We can also hear it in Toy Story 4 (Toy Story 4), where he lent his voice to Duke Caboom. We can expect Bill and Ted's twentieth recapture for a touch. For the third part of the franchise, Keanu met with the power Alex Winter. When the film will come on large screens, they have not yet been revealed.


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