Jasna Kuljaj in the middle of a difficult bet


Head of show Od težaka do junaka Jasna Kuljaj with a throat dump and with great fear accompanying the progress of the show's commentator Zeljko Cakarevic – Zeljkica, which is a heart beat and also has been promised that by the end of the third season of the popular show The Biggest Loser, Slovenia will lose 25 pounds.

"If he does, I'll have to do the last show in the bathing suit," Jasna says in a chuckle. Zeljko is using a personal trainer and also a commentator of the mentioned show Andrey Milutinovich he lost ten pounds in three weeks, which is especially nice for his better half Petro Skrivarnik, with which the first son, the son, celebrated five months ago Nicholas.

Željkić took ten pounds in three weeks. PHOTO: Planet TV

Petra hopes that Zeljkic insists at this point, and she hopes to have more room in the bed and that she will be able to sit on the plane normally. "Above all, he will get up when he does not have a life threatening his activities at bedtime," says Peter, laughing.

In addition to regular training, Zeljkic is also well taken care of for a limited diet. "My dear is already full of cookies to prepare a chicken," said Zeljkic, who is taking the "female exercises" to the training sessions. In her words, they are those in which you "like a gynecological chair and open your legs".

Zeljko's progress is accompanied by fear.

And what will happen if he can not reach the goal by the end of this year? "Then we'll have to go naked on the show with Andrew." It's a brave attitude, not something.


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