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In addition to relatives, people with dementia also meet other people such as shop employees, post office, bank, often also police officers, but if they do not know the signs of the disease – these can be very different – they can not help. And the Spominčica association, as part of many activities held throughout Slovenia, is working to create a demented friendly company.

It's the 93rd friendly point for dementia

"Because of the nature of the disease, people with dementia often get lost, they forget how to operate the vehicle properly, they experience behavioral changes and mood disorders that can trigger conflict in public institutions.As far as we know the characteristics of dementia, the easier it is to recognize the disease and to understand and properly help the person with dementia, "said President Spominčica, Štefanija L. Zlobecand also mentioned that as part of the dementia-friendly environment since July 2017, when the first pro-dementia point in Slovenia was officially opened at the Human Rights Ombudsman's premises, 93 were opened to date, the last point in the next few days in the center of Ljubljana, at Info Point. 65+

With Dementi Friendly Points, the Spominčica Society is implementing the Living with Dementia program in a friendly environment for dementia. "Dementia-friendly points play a major role in awareness-raising, recognizing the signs of dementia and with this decision to visit the doctor, since early-stage treatment is the most effective," said the President of the Slovenian Society and mentioned that dementia is a disease that lasts for a long time perhaps twenty years. The greatest burden is borne mainly by relatives. "When your family once knows that you have a dementia in the family, you can learn to act so that life is decent," said Zlobceva, who invites dementia and his family friends to visit one of the families. points in Slovenia, where they get help and information. "People who are dementia-friendly are also targeted at store employees, banks, pharmacies, libraries, post offices, police officers, firefighters … They often find people with dementia at work, so they know where to ask for advice information. '

Conference in May, walk in September

The data also indicate that dementia awareness is needed. According to estimates there are 32,000 to 33,000 people with dementia in Slovenia, just over 5,000 in Ljubljana and 50 million in the world. In the next decade, the number will double, so by 2030, 100 million will become ill. This is not only a disease of the elderly, that is, people over 65, it also affects the younger ones, which are in the early 50's. This year, on September 21, the Spominica Society will organize a Walk Through Memory on World Alzheimer's Day. "We will attend the conference" In the human brain rhythm, "which will be held at the end of May in Cankarjev sun Ljubljana," invited Zlobceva.


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