In the pedestrian collided first, then another driver, the 37-year-old died


On the old Bertoki-Bivja road, there was a serious traffic accident in which the 37-year-old man died. This was in the middle of the road toward the gas station when a 31-year-old driver collided with the left front of the vehicle.

Police carPHOTO: Shutterstock

According to PU Koper, the accident occurred shortly before the second hour of the night. After a 31-year-old driver collided with a pedestrian, the pedestrian crossed the opposite side of the road. And at the moment a 42-year-old passenger car driver, who also hit a pedestrian, drove in the opposite direction.

According to the report, a seriously injured pedestrian was taken to the hospital in Izola, where he died of injuries.

The alcohol test was negative for both drivers.

As police officers add, there is no public lighting at the scene of the traffic accident, and the pedestrian was dressed in dark clothes and had no bodies or reflective bulbs.

Pedestrians are vulnerable traffic participants

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable traffic participants. Slovenian roads each year require deaths and serious injuries among pedestrians, warns the Transport Security Agency.

They point out that pedestrians can do their utmost for their own safety. In such a way that pedestrian traffic surfaces are used correctly, if these surfaces are not present, they walk along the left edge of the car in the direction of the walk – that they are visible to the opposing drivers. Special care is required when crossing, where safety must be convinced of safety at traffic lights.

Otherwise, pedestrians should wear bright, reflective clothing for greater visibility, as well as reflective bodies such as retroreflective tapes, tiles, or lamps.


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