In the newly built Maribor kindergarten, disgusting water


In the newly built Maribor kindergarten unit in Pekrah, water is disputed. The children were immediately supplied with bottled water, and the management of the kindergarten already informed the municipality of Maribor and the construction contractor of the kindergarten and at the same time demanded that the deceit be immediately eliminated.

Since opening, the nursery in Pekra has been building construction and implementation errors. (The image is symbolic)PHOTO: iStock

A recent analysis showed that water in the newly constructed kindergarten unit in Pekra is disproportionate. In kindergarten, they were told about it yesterday, for Radio Maribor this was confirmed by director of the kindergarten of Maribor Studenci Marjanca Karba.

She explained that ten days ago, in kindergarten, she first switched the water heater, which he roasted, and then discovered that the hot water, despite the constant rinse, stagnated. MarkoMark Nival informed the contractor about this. But as the company did not take action, they sent hot water for analysis and the results were released yesterday. The analysis showed that in the water three times the levels of toxins are exceeded, namely xylene and toluene. "These are two chemical compounds that can be very dangerous" Karba told Maribor radio.

The water stagnated

MarkoMark Nival declined to comment. With the municipality of Maribor as the founder of the kindergarten, they informed in writing that they would immediately begin rehabilitation and provide the kindergarten with access to drinking water as quickly as possible.

Only the hot water was sent for analysis, because the cold did not stagnate. They are now sent for analysis also cold, the results are expected within two days. Hot water should not be used, they were informed by the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ).

Meanwhile, food is provided from another kindergarten or from the central kindergarten where they promised to wash all the fruit. They have already supplied bottled water.

The management of the kindergarten has already notified the municipality of Maribor and the contractor of the construction of the kindergarten, requesting that the error be solved immediately. They have already informed parents of children.

NOZZ: Exposure concentrations do not pose a

NIJZ was informed of the unusual smell of hot tap water on Monday, April 15. "On the same day we paid a visit to the kindergarten unit The smell of hot water had the characteristics of the smell of organic solvents We did not detect the smell in the cold water We organized a sample of hot water in a pip in the kitchen of the building" however, they were informed by NIJZ.

The measured concentrations of xylene and toluene do not pose a hazard.PHOTO: iStock

A volatile aromatic hydrocarbon xylyl (sum of 117 μg / l) and toluene (4.4 μg / l) was detected in the water sample. The values ​​of other volatile aromatic hydrocarbons were below the limit of quantification of the selected analytical method. Immediately after the analyzes were carried out, those responsible informed the client and proposed measures.

In addition, NIJZ has estimated that the measured concentrations of xylene and toluene in hot water samples and the corresponding corresponding consequences in the human body do not present an acute or long-term health risk for adults, children and infants since the introduction of these compounds, taking into account the measured concentrations. and the calculation of drinking water intake according to the WHO methodology does not reach the toxicological reference value for these compounds. "We also emphasized the fact that this was a short-term exposure and that hot water was not used according to the names of those responsible for food and / or drink." they wrote in a press release.


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