In public, it leaked out why Lady Gaga really broke the deal


The dust that rose, after Lady Gaga broke her bracelet (allegedly because of bilateral solidarity with Bradley Cooper), he barely got up – now new details have been leaked to the public.

Euphoria around the movie The star was born, in which the spectators had the opportunity to see Lady Gago as a central movie star and to hear vocal skills Bradley Cooper, she stood up a little. After suggesting that teammates developed more than just a friendly attitude on the set, the bottom of the news broke, shortly after the shooting, Gaga broke up with talent candidate Christian Carina, with whom she was two years old. age. in a relationship.

Lady Gaga and Christian Carino split after two years of relationship.PHOTO: Profimedia

Anyone who witnessed or watched foreign media reports or read news from foreign and domestic tabloids might find that the general public was convinced that Lady Gaga and Bradley had jumped a spark on the set. Rumors peaked at this year's Oscars, when they performed on stage and sang a song. Shallowand his performance was accompanied by deep and sensual visions. & Quot;It's just a show … We wanted to convince the public that chemistry is a real thing between us …"was one of the statements made by Lady Gaga on a talk show and later interviews, and the latter was also successful – thank goodness that many, as the main reason for Gaga's ruined zeal, have indicated their love for Cooper, who is in a relationship with the model. Irino Shayk.

Carin's jealousy should be the cause.PHOTO: Profimedia

That there was really no presence among them, such as naked friendship, professionalism and dedication to their roles in the movies, and that their relationship did not affect Gaga's love life, witnessed information that recently leaked to the public.

Lady Gaga is expected to break through because she suffered from her creative side in a relationship with Carina.PHOTO: Profimedia

After the writing of foreign media, it is now known why the musician and talent seeker, after two years of relationship and the coming marriage, went their own way. Supposedly, Gaga must feel constrained in the relationship – she would be accompanied by a feeling that she would not be able to achieve anything else to get stuck on the spot. His desire for steady progress and career building is ultimately what has moved the balance for the benefit of a new apartment. A source close to the musician said she was never a woman who would jeopardize her own success because of a man – Christian at the same time would limit her to creative expression. All this and the alleged fact that customs were very jealous would eventually lead to the end of their relationship.


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