Ilka Štuhec is the first in 30 years to defend the title: "It's good to know we're writing history"


Ilka Štuhec, with a complete ski performance at the Alpine Ski World Championships in Arey, was knocked down to the highest level. She is aware that the two world champion titles in real discipline rewrote the history of female skiing and female skiing.

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Ilka Štuhec during the awards ceremony.PHOTO: AP

Journalists and trainers at the media center in the destination arena of the polygon under the Arekutan mountain were unanimous in the view that the rideIlke stuec perfect, which was a piece for the textbooks. Štuhčeva is still convinced that his performance could be even better:Maybe it's not perfect, perfect, but I'd say it was close"

I thought, "Okay, I did not remember so quickly that if I had made a big mistake, I would lose some time. So maybe it's enough, and it looks like it was.

"We were not the top. Against time we can not do anything, and even at this lower beginning it's just a breath of feathers. I think it was more or less the same for everyone. It was only for me to do what I know I can do"Once again she smoothed her impressions after winning the seventh gold medal in the world championships of alpine skiing. Jubilee, 45th championship in Areju started with eighth place in the super-giant slalom, tension was raised with the tenth place in the alpine combination the second time combined skiing, only a hundredth of a second behind the lead, he threw the glove in the competition to stage a blast of smoke in another golden snowflake on a special ski:After the combination, I was more "stuck" to the streetcar: "The tide was good, I let it slip into the slalom." So, simply (Sunday), I think it was a long way from being calm. It was possible this morning, so … … all the time, it was such a nice nervousness. And during the normal preparations for the beginning, I managed to save a bit of sudoku, listen to music, try to disconnect, think of everything else, and concentrate on blowing up when needed."

Ilka Štuhec quickly raised his hand as he reached the goal.PHOTO: AP

And when did she think it could be a championship performance? "That's it, I thought when I started when I did a good job. I knew that a reduced start meant making the lines even shorter, that is, getting the meters, and that I really had nothing to "split""For more than half a mile shortened running skip the second backup start, he promised minor differences.

I personally and both wins mean a lot.

But Štuhčeva put it upside down because she was the main American star on her arrival Lindsey Vonn, who participated in his last game in his career, beat the giant of 49 hundredths of a second:In fact, he also expected small differences. It takes a while for you to see the screen because they hid it so well. But when I saw it, I just said, "Wow, that's it, first." And then I saw that advantage and I said, this is too much for such a short route"

Ilka StuhetsPHOTO: Damian Zibert

"I thought, "Okay, I did not remember so quickly that if I had made a big mistake, I would lose some time. So maybe it's enough and it seems it was"is for STAI even experienced moments right after reaching the goal.

It took 30 years for the Swiss skier Marie Walliser to successfully defeat the title of world champion, that is, she won the slalom in two consecutive championships.

In the target arena, emotions followed their path, tears of happiness, indescribable joy, flowers given to the three best by the giant ski of the locals. Ingemar Stenmark, the anthem, and then the cash prize and again the anthem in the central square in Areju. The remarkable feat of Ilka Štuhec is already recorded in history. She is the first Slovenian woman with double gold ski in world championships. It took 30 years to go through Switzerland Marie Walliser the skier successfully defended the title of world champion, that is, won the slalom in two consecutive championships. Štuhčeva was gold in the previous World Cup in 2017 in St. Moritz And after two years, it is gold again. Slovenia received a medal of twenty-two in SP. "This is basically huge. Although in the end it still is, I can say a little ugly, just statistics. I personally and both wins mean a lot. There were so many things in the meantime that there's almost no end where everything ran together at some point, but it's still good to know and hear that we're making history"is forSTA concluded Stuhceva, who is between St. Moritz and Arehem suffered an injury after which she made a return, worth the best cinematic scenario.


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