I stole hundreds of toys


PARIS – A 700-year-old, 72-year-old suspect was arrested in France, mostly at toy outlets. In their apartment, they found more than 1000 products, mostly toys she sold online. They also seized 40,000 euros in cash.

GETTY IMAGES / ISTOCKPHOTO money of the old widow PHOTO: Uba-photo Getty Images / istockphoto

A Parisian man was arrested on the basis of a complaint lodged by the owner of one of the toy stores in the French capital. This online found 18 stolen items from his store.

The researchers identified the father as a 72-year-old resident in Paris. Since June, it has published 957 listings on the Internet, in which it mainly sold toys that it described as new and originally packaged.
The father admitted his actions and said she was stealing because she had nothing to do.


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