Tuesday , November 12 2019
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I killed only a few months of #video dog until I died

On Facebook's social network, photographs of a puppy appeared in his own excrement in the apartment after he had been left by the ruthless owner for several weeks without food and water, and so he was eating him to death.

The owner of the house in Rogatec was struck by a fallen dog after she had to enter it. That is, for a long time, the tenant was not forgotten, and the apartment smelled bad. All the higher are called to the state to finally take action. In this case, the police are already investigating the suspicion of a crime of animal torture.

"Only human can be dangerous"

"Until the law changes, it will happen and it will be worse." Dangerous dogs, what we are talking about, can only be a human being, and punishment for the torturers will have to be increased, "said Simon Mikorič of the Heart Society for Bulle.

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