How to survive June 19, 2019?


The caution of a recognized astrologer raises a lot of dust.

On this day, Mars and Merkur will be opposed to Pluto, which brings catastrophic energy on us. We will be witnessing through muscle wrangling and muscle.

This is a very rare celestial phenomenon, said the astrologer of Vice's site. Annabel Gat. "We are going to play drama of the Games of the Thrones, but in the power of the twentieth century … / Merkur dominated the mind and the communication, everything revolves around the negotiations." Mars is a planet of action and war. , much stronger.It is a heavy energy " says a specialist.

Last week, emotions gathered in us as the full moon approached on Monday. We were too paranoid or too naive. The situation will be even worse today.

How to survive today?

This is recommended by an astrologer!

1. Be very careful between traffic jumps
This is especially important for those who are transported by public transport and will be surrounded by other passengers. We'll all be a little more nervous. If you're not going anywhere, you probably will not find any problems.

2. The smallest of caffeine
Now, do everything to calm down. Replace coffee with chamomile tea. Sail with soothing smells, take a deep breath and meditate.

3. Do not think about revenge
This energy must be directed toward achieving your goals.

4. Avoid fighting
If possible, avoid conversations that could lead to fights. Because of peace today, it is also permissible for you to not show your true self to people, or bite your tongue, and forget your opinion – even if your purposes are good. If necessary, tell a white lie …

5. Shake the anger of today into objects, not people.

6. Seek happy endings and productivity
Mars is also the ruler of knives and swords, and in many cases there will be a desire to sever ties. To avoid this, today … Whether you want new services for a long time, or you are partnering with a partner on your nerves, you should expect with the reputation of not regretting it tomorrow.


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