Helena goes to the auction!


BREZOVICI – A life in the last two weeks Helene Champ and his two younger sons Nik is disabled and epileptic, has changed considerably. At that time, she decided to present her problem to the public: to buy three quarters of the house in which she lives, she must raise 70,000 euros in 11 days. Since she did not have this money, she asked for help from people with a good heart. The friends who started the campaign had a simple bill – if they found seven thousand people donating every ten euros each, the house would be settled.

Helena Campa goes to the auction. PHOTO: Dejan Javornik

The action for the settlement of the home of a three-member family became national: we did not collect for Helena only from beginners Slovenske or through the Kramberger Fund. For the story that moved throughout the country, among other things, the money was collected (or collected) by television stations that competed against each other, and firefighters across the country reacted to the request for help from PGD Log.

Two weeks ago the situation seemed hopeless. PHOTO: Dejan Javornik

"I ask the firefighters to help Helena keep the house together. Every one of her contributions would help me," wrote the president of the coal fire ring " Андрей Губич. Firefighters have accumulated most of all collectors in their account for their Helena member.

You go with her to the auction

Helen says, "We're on the right track, we almost won." She said, "We are on the right track, we are almost victorious. We have not yet reached the full amount, but according to the payments that are still coming, and the deadline – we have to pay the bill at the end of the month – I know the money will be refunded then ".
Your lawyer Petra Velkavrh described progress on legal steps: "Security for the auction has been paid and we will join the auction."

Velkavrhov is no longer worried about paying security and access; She hopes that the final three-quarters auction of the house will develop according to the wishes of Helena, her children and Slovenes and Slovenes who are competing for her victory and the family's stay at her home: "Thursday is D-Day" , says Velkavrhov.

Slovenians and Slovenes understand that the family wants to stay in a house adapted to Nik status. PHOTO: Dejan Javornik

Helena also confirms the words of the mayor of Ljubljana Mirana Stanovnik, which will cost him aside in the auction: "The villager goes with that. Sovašcanka and my co-workers call me, or we go by bus, because people would like to go with them," he says with pleasure in the voice: Thanks for the help, but I would like to thank all the citizens of the municipality of Log-Dragomer, firefighters, Mayor Stanovnik and all of Slovenia, who joined the side of my family and supported. "

Helping to overcome hopelessness

Helena (still) can not deliver with the sum of the aid, only some definite figures are known – 480 euros were collected for her at the TC Center's gemstone gymnasium, her second and a half millionth. For the shirt Luke Doncic they sold 3700 euros at the Kanal A auction and a few hundred with a football shirt Jake Bijol. And Helena says, "I do not know how many people have responded, and there is no control over how much money will come in. But all the money will be spent on the goal," he says.

Tomorrow the D-D is auctioned by the house and by the family.

Under the Kramberger Fund, where we collect for Helena Camp and her children, the final amount of remittances is also not known and sent SMS messages: but of course you readers and readers are in favor of them, because you have contributed so far around 10,000 euros. Helena – in her name and in the names of both children – was enthusiastic and moved at the same time: "We would especially like to thank the readers and readers of the Slovenian magazine for the great response they felt to our affliction and were willing to give up their money , although some of them in a difficult situation ".

I would like to thank the readers and readers of the Slovenian newspaper for the great response they felt in our anguish and that they were willing to give up their money, although some of them are in a difficult situation.

In the meantime, Champa came up with another valuable shirt, given by our champion in the motto cross: "Let's have a jersey auction Team Guyser on TV Planet. It will happen until February 25, when payment is due. "
When the word is applied to Nika, it is clear that they have been tired of the past two weeks, intense and debilitating for the whole family, which is not used on camera lenses and TV cameras.

"He misses me because I'm not as normal with him as I've always been," her mother explains. Nike was removed from the cast, but after one of the epileptic seizures he recovered an injury. "I know he'll take it, he's a fighter like me. Last but not least, in 17 years we've often been brought from point A to point B," says Helena, who, with the help of good the whole of Slovenia, is dreaming of keeping it at home.

So far, you've contributed readers and readers to Novic.

Before Helena and Nik, the last step was left, tomorrow's auction. And the hope that they stay in the house is now much more realistic than two weeks ago. Also, in hopeless situations, stories are created about the success of the people who help.


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