Hayden Panettiere sees daughter "daughter-in-law" Kayo, who lives with Klitschko in Ukraine


In the latter half of the year, Hayden was often caught by the Hollywood paparazzi in stormy bursts: in August, he was barefoot in front of Craig's. Photo: AP

According to reports from the American tabloids since August last year, when they are with Calling divorced, 29 years old Hayden she did not spend much time with her daughter and the reasons for this are very vague. She has been denied that she still has mental health problems that have been dragging on since 2014, when she suffered a severe postpartum depression.

Some source close to the actress, the former star of the series Nashville, he said: "She knows the girl is not with her, for Kayo This is the best. The situation is sad. " The four-year-old lives with his father, a heavyweight boxer, in Ukraine, where his mother helps him in education. Hayden she seems to visit her in Europe whenever possible with Calling in her own words, she should remain in friendly relations.

After having a boxer of 42 years and Hayden Last year she finished, she quickly found hugs Briana Hickerson, who should be concerned about their neighbors who believe that their relationship is not exactly "healthy", apparently a lot of compulsion and violence are involved, recently rumors spread that the experiment together entangled in the conflict with Hickerson's my father.

Instead of the actress, her chosen one announced that she was Hayden just these days on a family vacation with a daughter and an ex-fiance. He added that he was "happy and healthy" and that his neighbors were not at all worried. Soon after that, too Hayden she posted on Twitter a photo of her daughter, in which the girl's face is covered with a cap.


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