Guardiolin picks up dust in Madrid: Juve, Barca and Bayern are the best …


Manchester City coach Josep Pep Guardiola has trained the names of three giants in the selection of the best football teams of the continent in the last decade, among which he did not mention the current European club champions of the Spanish capital.

In an interesting conversation to Manchester Evening News is the city's coach Pep Guardiola Among other things, he spoke a few words about the best football teams in Europe, which have been marked or differently by vegetation in the last decade.

"They are Juventus, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, I've talked about this a lot of times, so there's no doubt about that." "Why did I point out these names?" "Whatever the number of team changes these clubs have received in recent years, They are constant, adhere to the guidelines and objectives outlined and, as has already been said, they win laurels one by one " was a former direct player of Barcelona and Bayern, who with that response left many with their mouths open.

The specialist Catalan Josep & Pep; Guardiola lost the name of Real Madrid in the last decade for the selection of the best soccer teams of the old continent.PHOTO: AP

But most of Real Madrid's fans, who have a diametrically different vision, but Guardiola's 48-year-old, reinforced his thinking: "The biggest difference compared to the other (big) times is that they also remain unshakable in pursuing a strategy that does not contain radical" neck-to-nose "changes after some sort of outcome. they have done a lot to develop football.Games, their reputation, won laurels and many supporters around the world confirm the thesis on the special status of the above three.


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