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Grintovec Fatal Sliding

(Photo: Dnevnik documentation)

Saturday morning was marked by a serious tragedy in the Slovenian mountains, which are especially dangerous due to winter conditions. On Grintovac's descent, the 41-year-old slipped from Sovodnja to the Poljana valley. She fell off the wall and died on the spot. With a military helicopter, the body of the hippopotamus was taken to the valley. According to our data, she was in the mountains with a climber.

As reported Bojan Kos of the Kranj Police Board, the path where the fatal slide occurred is covered by frozen snow. It is marked but badly taken and dangerous. "The injured woman on the mountain used inappropriate walking equipment," Kos noted, as she wore hammers in hiking boots, or half a rubber strap or chain. "This protection is not suitable for high mountains and topical conditions!" It was clear Bojan Kos.

The event was approached by members of the mountain police unit and confirmed that it was a mountain accident. "In the tragic accident, we repeat the warning that in the mountains, be careful where and how you are going. The trails are mostly covered with frozen snow and ice The situation is dangerous Do not be at risk and be careful when crossing reefs and exposed areas Pay attention to the landslides and avoid them, "said Bojan Kos with PU Kranj. Given the current situation, a great danger in the mountains will persist for some time.


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