Google is again accused of sabotaging Firefox


Browsers have become the most important application we use every day on computers as well as on portable devices.

So it is no wonder that for years there has been a fierce battle between big names like Google, Mozzila and Microsoft in this field.

Chrome is currently the most popular, but according to the words of former CEO Mozzila, Jonathan Nightingale, he came to his leadership in a rather unfair way.

Johnathan revealed these secrets on Twitter, where he also revealed that Google was sometimes his biggest partner, as revenue from using Google's search engine was huge and accounted for 90 percent of Mozzil's traffic.

Although Google has consistently claimed to work together and is on the same page, its actions have indicated differently. If the user accessed Firefox in the search engine, the Chrome ads were displayed next to the search results. Gmail and Google Docs have started bugging Firefox, and some demo pages have triggered a fake Firefox incompatibility report when they clicked on the visitor.

There were hundreds of errors and every time Mozzila warned them, Google gave the same answer: "Oops, it was a coincidence, we'll fix this in the next update in two weeks."

Of course, it's hard to believe that such a big company, like Google, would be so incompetent and Johnathan would be such an opinion. He himself believes that the technology giant has done it deliberately, and with each error and waiting for the patch, Firefox has lost users.

Last year, Google was once again accused of intensely compromising competition as YouTube worked significantly more slowly on Firefox and Edge. Google briefly changed to the JavaScript library, which knew that the competing browser was not being used.

According to the latest survey of the NetMarketShare site, Google Chrome controls almost 66% of the browser market, followed by Internet Explorer with 9.83% and Firefox with 9.62%.


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