Thursday , October 21 2021

Google gave up Android tablets


Google has completely abandoned the tablets.Google has completely abandoned the tablets.

In the field of tablets, competition is increasing, which "forces" their manufacturers to develop increasingly innovative products. Of course, Chinese companies are of great benefit because they can offer high quality products with little money. More advanced users, of course, interfere with Apple iPad tablets because they simply have no competition. Obviously, they agree with Google, as they have definitely given up plans to prepare a new license plate.

With Google, instead of designing and manufacturing tablets, they will prefer to focus on laptops that drive the popular Chrome OS. In addition, they will still produce Pixel smart phones, although their popularity among mobile phone users is not exactly what makes them proud. Pixel family smartphone sales have been declining for several months.

The negative trend in the sale of smartphones from Pixel's family of Google could stop smartphones Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, which should be available for sale this fall. The Google Pixel 4 should be equipped with a slightly larger screen compared to its predecessor, with a diagonal of 15.2 inches or 6 inches. The larger Pixel 4 XL should offer a much larger screen with a diagonal of 16.8 inches or 6.6 inches of high resolution for the photo. A powerful Snapdragon 855 mobile processor must be run to run preinstalled software, and the system memory storage capacity of at least six gigabytes should be available to store intermediate calculations. He even talks about support options for two phone SIM cards and even for a fast 5G mobile network.

Thus, in the smartphones Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, will be installed the mobile operating system Android 10.0 Q, which brings a whole new way of working and will help make the autonomy of the mobile device more mobile. In addition, it also has a dedicated virtual environment adapted to the external monitor, which means that we can use the mobile device as a PC. When working or playing computer games, you can use a classic computer screen, including a computer keyboard and a computer mouse.

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