Good things, shops will be closed for holidays


Before us, the Easter weekend is prolonged, so all stores, except private ones, will be closed on Sundays and Mondays.

An agreement adopted by employers and unions foresees ten holidays when the stores are closed. These holidays are: January 1, February 8, Easter Sunday, and Monday, May 1, Monday of Pentecost, June 25, August 15, November 1, and December 25.

The door will only be opened by a few small private shops

All shopping centers and shops will therefore be closed on Easter Sunday and on Easter Monday. On these holidays, only small shops run by private individuals will be opened. The condition is that the owner or family member works in the trade. Urgent purchases will also be possible during festivals at gas stations and in some bakeries.

Saturday, April 20

Stores are open after normal business hours on Saturdays.

Sunday, April 21

All shops are closed, except for a few small private parties.

Monday, April 22

All shops are closed, except for a few small private parties.

Before the holidays, are you fed up with food?

  • Yes, I always do all the shopping much sooner.

  • No, I have time on Friday and Saturday.

  • During the holidays, I will use gas stations and small private shops.

  • Not the end of the world! The stores will be closed for only two days.


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