General Motors announces reorganization with layoffs in the US


The largest US automaker, GM, plans to abolish about 15 percent of US jobs, including a quarter of its employees. The announced reorganization measures include the closure of five factories in North America.

In the future, GM plans to focus on increasing the production of electric and hybrid cars in electric drives and gasoline. This means that it looks to the future, although currently low oil and gas prices among Americans are again very large and expensive vehicles.

The company reported that for such measures, they have decided to provide a positive cash flow and prepare to change the tastes of consumers and the new market conditions.

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US President Donald Trump was in the morning when a message came from a company involved in adjustments against migrants, Barack Obama's previous government and the investigation of the Russian case and the attack on GM has not yet come forward to comment.

Trump has been praised for two years for also making US auto companies increase production and open new jobs in the US. Due to the introduction of customs duties on steel and aluminum imports, US car production has increased.

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