Gaga has a new competition, Bradley found a young nurse!


Since the debut of A Star Is Born, which occurred in October last year, it is speculated that between Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper, there are actually some knitting or just good players. The explosions became even higher when Irina Shayk left Bradley a few weeks ago and many were convinced that it was only a matter of time before she recognized the novel. Now, Gaga has competition …

Bradley Cooper inIrina Shayk celebrated her fourth birthday in April, and a good month later, it all came to an end when Irina emigrated from her joint home a few weeks ago, where she also raised her two-year-old daughter. Leo. This is now being split between his parents, since the paparazzi who followed Bradley at every step, have already hired a nanny for this, which may not have been defended by many.

Is Gaga guilty of expense?

Rumors about romance are by no means sweat.PHOTO: AP

The identity of a young, cute nanny is not yet known, but of course the US media has already made a call with her and has already determined whether she can stay between Bradley and Gago. The latter has more than enough rumors about this love, so at one of their shows in Las Vegas, it's clear and loud with a roll of messages to enjoy music or simply eat.

Lady Gaga lost her nerve for Cooper

Bradley Cooper hired a young nanny for Leo's daughter.PHOTO: Profimedia

It would not have been typical for Bradley to intertwine with his little girl's nanny. Her former partners are well-known celebrities; In 2006 he married an actress Jennifer Esposito, but their law lasted less than a year. He also has some time with the actress Renée Zellweger, later replaced by another actress, Zoe Saldana. In 2013, Bradley & # 39; for modeling: it was originally from Suki Waterhouseand their relationship lasted two years. Soon after, he became involved with Irina and spent the last four years with her.

The identity of a young nanny is not yet known.PHOTO: Profimedia


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