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Fundraising for Gal's operation was complicated by #video

Six-year-old Gal, who struggles with congenital arm deformity, needs surgery to allow his arms to straighten and rotate. The parents raised money for a US operation worth 120,000 euros through the Maus Charity Society since March. So far, 54,000 have accumulated. It was complicated, however, when online warnings surfaced that it was fraud and people should no longer make money. What is happening?

According to the historical answer, when Slovenia, united in charity, helped the little hero Chris, now the help of all Slovenes also needs a six year old Gal, which fights against congenital deformity of the hands.

Kris Zudich


$ 3.7 million raised for Chris. They will also help other children.




It should be operated in Florida next June. If the required $ 120,000 is raised by then, it will be operated by a renowned American surgeon. Dror paley.

"The bones would be separated and the plates inserted. Ten percent of hand mobility would be lost, but the acquired function of the hands is more important. Due to congenital deformity, the hands now cannot move and rotate normally," the mother explained. from Gal. Natasha Vrbnjak Steflic.

Many of the mundane tasks that are taken for granted are a big or even impossible challenge for him.

They raised almost half of the money

They raise money for the operation by selling corks and scrap paper and are also assisted by the Maus Charity Society, which has raised nearly 40% of the money needed to date.

"We raised $ 54,000, up from $ 14,000 in the last two days. But due to social media allegations that it was a scam, little Gal could be left out of surgery." Natasha schwickart from the Bad Charity Society.

When people no longer trust everything, they are now fighting in the company of Gal's parents. "I can't judge her until I see the passages, or maybe she got some from Gal," said Vrbnjak Steflicheva.

It's about Gala

Schwikart, however, said he had nothing to hide. "What should I hide? I haven't been since yesterday, since I have run the institution for five years. We know how much we helped children and families buy three wheelchairs that Lana was with us in America. And more and more," she said.

In front of the camera, she promised to show Gal's mother every transaction tonight. Otherwise, Gal's mother wants to transfer these funds to Helping Thumb or directly to the US, where they have already paid 10% of the cost of the operation.

After our last phone conversation with Gal's mother, we learned that they were ready to forget all the differences and criticism of social networks. The money will continue to be collected from the charity account. It's about Gala, they agree.

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