Full-time preparatory work: 100 workers and 30 trucks at the construction site


Infrastructure minister Alenka Bratušek, along with the leadership of 2TDK, has seen the access roads to access roads for the second route, which they believe they will be able to drive within two months. In addition, the selection of the contractor for connection facilities in the Glinščica valley has already been made, but have not yet signed the contracts.

Minister of Infrastructure Alenka Bratusek and 2TDK's leadership today saw road construction sites accessible to the second lane runway. According to the director of CPG Kolektor Kristjan Mugerlija they are working at full speed and counting that this will be a vehicle in about two months after the roads prepared. Bratuskova was also pleased with the progress of the work.

The works are in full swing.PHOTO: Miro Majcen

In his statement to the media, Bratuskova expressed his satisfaction at the Mount Tinjan workshop that things are going according to plans, both financial and timely. "The Divača-Koper project is underway and will be built in the same way as we promised or promised" she added.

CPG director Kolektor CPG, who carries out the work, explained that on May 21 there were rainy days and the realization was not great, now, when his time goes hand in hand, more than a hundred workers at the construction site, 25 units of heavy mechanization construction and more than 30 trucks. Work at the workshops in Lokva, the Gliščica valley and the Tinjan hill are at full steam and Mugerli counts "After two months here, they are driving on prepared roads".

In the Glinščice valley, the general manager of 2TDK is the choice of the contractor for the bridge facilities Dusan Zorko explained that they made the selection but did not sign the contracts yet. 2TDK ordered Markomark Nival, Nival Invest and Ekorel to offer an offer of € 7.96 million.

In terms of the value of this project, Bratuskova emphasized that it is important for her to ensure that the values ​​in the contracts to be signed do not exceed the estimated value in the investment project.

They will do everything to get a building permit as fast as possible

Kolektor CPG also paid an offer for these transition facilities in cooperation with Pomgrad, which was about 5 million euros higher. Mugerli explained that it is too early to talk about possible features for the selection, but they will probably be invited to see the bid of the selected competitor, since "We do not know how to make this money".

Regarding the preparation of the national space plan for the two-way line, Bratuškova explained that this is a process that will continue, while the draftsman is the Ministry of Environment, but will speak and do everything to obtain the license building as fast as possible "another second track".

Infrastructure minister Alenka Bratušek and the leadership of 2TDK today saw road construction sites accessible to the second rail.PHOTO: Miro Majcen

The pleasure of being by "several decades of preparation, planning" the mayor of Koper also expressed his opinion Aleš Bržan. According to him, there were no serious complaints from the local population, but they have many questions. Zorko added that he regularly informs citizens, and in the shortest time they will also prepare an information point for them.

Regarding the guarantee law, Bratuskova stated that the law in the ministry is already ready, but that it should be adopted for the contract list in the project. "Our goal is to ensure a third axis of development in one and the same law, so we are still a little bit in line" she added.


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