Thursday , October 21 2021

Fran as an application, that Primož Trubar would be happy too


At the end of June, the portal detected a survey of fifty million. Photo: MMC RTV SLO

Applicationby which IS at the company's expense DigiEd Žirovnica, works on both the Android operating system and iOS. According to data provided by IS The SAZU SRC was sent by the company director DigiEd Figa Fonyes IS France in almost a week since IS more than 3,000 users were transferred to this morning, 1190 of them to the environment iOS and 1920 for the Android environment.

Kozma Ahačič is in the research section dealing with the history of grammar. Photo: MMC RTV SLO / Miloš Ojdanic

At ZRC SAZU, under the wing of which Fran belongs, they want even more users applicationswhat they did IS the editor Fran said a few days ago Kozma Ahachi, they wanted the users of the web portal. The founder of the Slovenian literary language Primož Trubar, whose day we celebrated on Saturday, would have believed he would be embellished in the 21st century. century, application Fran transferred to all possible devices. Trubar IS He was also very receptive to technological innovations, IS was printed in moving letters at age 16. century a relatively new invention.

Also for reading holidays
"Take advantage of what makes you progress. With more than one click, you can access more than 30 dictionaries"
they wrote in the SRS of SAZU. According to Ahachikov the opinion of the initiator of the Slovenian portal, IS by the end of June he already knew fifty million Inquiry, the dictionaries are also suitable for reading holiday.

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