Ford Focus is the Slovenian car in 2019


The Slovenian car in 2019 is focus of the ford. Photo: Uroš Modlic

The members of the editorial boards of the Slovenian media participating in the selection are in the final polygon of the center Safe driving in Vransko originated in the distribution, provided by readers, viewers, listeners and followers of the Slovenian press, submitting the ballots. They gave the first place harm karoqsecond place volkswagnu T-roc, third place fordu Focusfourth place kii ceedand fifth place I came back XC40.

A significant change in the ranking

And the vote of the Slovenian media Avto Magazin, Delo and novice Slovenske, Dnevnik and Nedeljski, Evo magazina, To Komotar minute Motorevije AMZS,, Vala 202 and Automotive and dinner brought a significant change. Fifth, with 13 points, was volvo XC40More than that, the ranking was different. For the fourth place, Volkswagen was ranked seventeen by the Volkswagen T-roc, third place with damage of 39 points karoqand the other was with thirty-two points kia ceed. With seventy-five points won, the Slovenian car in 2019 became ford focus.

Boštjana Hribovska, Marketing Director of the Slovenian importer forda, the company Summit Engines Ljubljana, we asked about the feelings behind the victory, and he said that they were especially impressed by the fact that this is the third name of the Slovenian car of the year that he won ford focus. "The address is mainly a big obligation to transfer the quality of the car, which has been well-appreciated by readers and journalists, in sales results, too" he said. And what is the weight of the car title for them? "And mainly indicator, that they have a high quality product and that, in addition to the professional media, this is also recognized by users " he added.

The Slovenian automotive media and its readers, viewers, listeners and followers voted in this way. Photo: Uroš Modlic

Two-day event

Event in center Safe driving in Vransko occurred this year for two days. The first day was dedicated to the last journeys of journalists, who could, in the safe and predictable environment, re-evaluate the impressions of the individual finalist, and also directly compared each car directly to each other and, consequently, can even correct their decision.

On the second day, in addition to the final election and announcement of the Slovenian car in 2019, readers, viewers, listeners and media followers were invited to the event by individual media. At Vransko, they were also able to sit at the wheel of candidates and test their comfort, usability, leadership qualities and security aids, as well as attending workshops in which journalists explained the innovations in usability, connectivity, security, and new technology. cars.

As every year so far, the sweepstakes among voters has determined the winners of practical and attractive awards.


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