Football cake with big capital: After drama in Etihad, prompts the entrance to the semi-final


The agreement between Manchester City and Tottenham was welcomed by the most demanding football enthusiasts. After the real goal in the opening minutes and real drama in the end, the semi-final tickets, despite the victory of the blue-wise, happy football players Tottenham (4: 3).

Football fans (English) went back to their own account. Manchester City have received Tottenham in the quarter-finals. Sinje-blue opened a hellish match in this game, a week of leagues with spurs waiting for the weekend, and the next United is in contention.

Sterling took care of Uvertura in a real football toy.PHOTO: AP

Pep Guardiola was not surprised by the ambitious changes. Only instead Fernandinha, who missed the last game with Crystal Palace, has a chance in the top eleven in Kevin De Bruyne inDavid Silvi got itIlkay Gundogan. The Brazilian took over the seat for reserve players.

Tottenham were expecting strong pressure from home and clubs Mauricia Pochettina they did not care. He took the city in the initial minutes,Raheem Sterling The score was then 0 – 3. The home crowd was not pleased with that one. Hugo Lloris. There was no need to wait for the spore response. The marvelous campaign, which left the defense of the house completely helpless, Heung-Min Son. The last shot in the door on the left, Ederson the ball could only be deflected by the leg.

There was a continuation, as only the greatest football gourmets could want. In the 10th minute, the blue and blue defenses were used by the spurs, and the visitors came in front of the goal, where the action with a scorching blow again crowned Son. Already in the next attack, the soccer players of the city managed to take revenge by a new blow. Bernardo Silva came and gave an excellent punch in a difficult position Danny Rose, which confused the door of Lloris and Tottenham for the second time in a match.

In the game between City and Tottenham, five minutes fell in 17 minutes.PHOTO: AP

21 minutes before the door of the guests was again warm. After giving De Bruyne to the left, the ball to the net changed Sterling.

After five hits in the first half of the game, the green area was just a bit calmer. The game was shone a little by the very action of the beautiful Son, who flew by the neck of Ederson. After the real goal in the opening minutes, the first half ended with 3: 2.

The home team also made a dangerous start for the other part of the match. De Bruyne came off the court but Lloris defended his attempt in the middle after Bernardo Silva tried to pass the ball through the right goal.

The Belgian national team was again in a dangerous position after 54 minutes, firing in the corner of the area, and the visiting guard proved to be a defensive defense. Domestic business was paid only five minutes later. The home team started a counterattack, which he ended with Petar Sergio Aguero.

In the absence of the Tottenham star Tottenham, South Korea took full responsibility for the blows on their shoulders.PHOTO: AP

With 73 minutes played, the home team was awarded a penalty. After a corner kick, the ball was Fernanda Llorente straight to Ederson's back. However, it was necessary to wait a little while for the commemoration, as the Assistance Judge turned to the VAR. After reviewing the clip, Cuneyt Cakir гол признал.

In the last minutes, a real drama was taking place in Etihad. After the guests made a big mistake in the back, this one was intercepted by Aguero and the ball arrived at Sterling, who hit the net in the extension of the referee. The euphoria in Manchester did not last long. The referee, after seeing the shot, canceled the match because the Argentine was in a prohibited position in a decisive match.

After winning the first game (1: 0), the promotion for the semifinals was guaranteed by the guests, while City missed the deadline for the second consecutive year in the quarterfinals.

Manchester City – Tottenham 4: 3 (3: 2)
Sterling 4, 21, B. Silva 11, Aguero 59; Son Heung-Min 7., 10., Llorente 73.


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