First unfinished house: "Oh, what's wrong with me?"


Unfortunately, in the last Saturday issue of the Work Campaign, it was not all that was planned. Ana Praznik, the host of the program, and the masters, set up a very large project, which they failed to complete at the right time. What now?

Will Bo Ana meet your expectations and give you a smile on your face?PHOTO: POP TV

Broadcast team Work action she faced the challenge for the first time when she was wondering if they would succeed. The trained masters have undertaken the largest project so far that Marjana and her children, Andraža and Roku, will have a better and better life.

Ana could not hold back the tears.PHOTO: POP TV

As this is a very big project, the masters during the reform faced additional problems and Ana was forced to tell the family the sad news:Unfortunately I bring bad news. Unfortunately, we could not clean the house in time. With my masters … Oh, what we are crying … we work hard, we work days and nights, we really did all the atoms, but when we started to work, the problems began to rise and because of these problems, today the house does not It's over."When Marian heard Anna's words, she became concerned and asked:What are we going to do now??

Today Work action there will be something special. Although the masters with Ano and Bojan faced problems, they did not lose their will and hoped to complete the project. Will Ana be able to meet your expectations and give them a smile on their face? You'll find out the answer tonight at 8 PM on POP TV.


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