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The next year will be 50 years since the first flight under Ponce. Photo: BoBo

The first ticket was bought by Ljubo Jasnic

November 8, 2018 at 9:40 p.m.
Ljubljana – MMC RTV SLO, STA

The Slovenian Ski Federation has prepared an event at Skotec Ljubljana to officially announce the pre-sale of tickets for the Ski World Cup in Planica.

The skyscrapers gathered organizers, partners and sponsors of the largest annual sporting event on Slovenian soil, and the start of the pre-sale was not lost by members of the national male and female teams in ski jumps. This season, the finals of the World Cup in Planica will be even more special, as the brothers Lada and Janez Goriška will be celebrating their 50th anniversary, thanks to which the borders in this sport have been moving from the beginning.

In the heart of Ljubljana, the event was accompanied by Janez Gorišek, who emotionally recalled the start of flights under Ponce's command. On March 6, 1969, Miro Oman made the first flight at the airport and on March 21, the first official competition was held. So far, 28 world records have fallen in Planica. "On the first flight I came from Africa, but then I missed him because I was still on the bus and I did not miss the first game. It's hard to say what the feelings are." Gorišek, who was also the leader of the competition in Planica for 25 years, was transferred to the meeting and admitted that he was completely absorbed by the emotions both in the first flight and in his memory. "It's easier to break records than in the future" he added.

The first ticket of the event was purchased by the president of the ski jump and the Nordic combination in the SZS Ljubo Jasnič: "For the third consecutive time, on behalf of SZS and Ok Planica, we will organize a pre-sale of tickets for the World Cup in Planica. With this we want to remind all lovers of jumps and flights that we are shortly before the start of the winter season, although this may not be the case. Planica will close the winter season, and this year we also want a great holiday under Ponce. " Tickets will be available in pre-order for a lower price until March 5, 2019.

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